dog days canine playschool


snuggles my- puggle
Barked: Thu Jul 30, '09 3:02pm PST 
I just want to let all you dog lovers out there know about Dog Days. My Snuggles luvs to go and play with all the other dogs-grouped with their size. Dogs are not crated but play all day. Snuggles was so tired after playing today she came home and crashed on the sofa and began snoring!!! It is on the corner of Campbell Station and Kingston Pike. Web site is dog days canine playschool also on face book.

You want me to- do what?
Barked: Wed Aug 12, '09 9:58am PST 
Dog Days is a Fun Place!! I enjoy getting to go with Mommy when she works - and I PLAY PLAY PLAY all day!! blue dog