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Our pal Checkers is not feeling well. Here is an except from his diary....

From my diary:

I had a very bad weekend. It all started when I had the runs. Mama made me ground beef with star noodles. I ate it up. After a day or 2 I didn't want that anymore. So mama started to panic thinking I wouldn't eat. So she went to the store and bought me PetFresh Select from the frigerated section of the grocery store. It was yummy! I ate two bowls like there was no tomorrow!

Sunday I had a very bad case of gas. My tummy was so upset from switching from dog food to people food and back again that I was very gassy. I was in so much pain I was wailing! Me and mama were in the back yard and daddy was out front and he could hear me. I haven't made a peep in over a year.

I spent the rest of day sleeping in mama's arms. I even had a pretty good night. However, I have no strength to stand on my own...not even to drink my water. I am pretty lethargic.

For breakfast I had a a strawberry and ground beef. Mama went to work and I slept the whole day. When mama got home she held me in her arms until daddy got home. They decided to take me to see Dr. Lewis to see if she could help me.

Dr. Lewis did an x-ray to check to see if I might have pancreatitis. The x-ray showed that my heart is a pretty good size. However, the area that should be my pancreas, stomach and spleen is pretty indeterminable. Dr. Lewis said that best case scenario it could be pancreatitis or worse case it could be some type of cancer. The only way to tell would be with an MRI.

She talked with mama and daddy about the possibility of me journeying to the Rainbow Bridge. She had tears in her eyes and her voice was wobbly. Dr. Lewis really cares about me. She also said that I could go to the ER vet and get an IV drip to rehydrate me. Or, she could do a subcutaneous fluid and send me home with mama and daddy.

We decided on the latter. She also administered an antibiotic by shot and I am to start Clavamox again tomorrow twice a day until they are finished.

And most of all, she told mama to feed me a bland diet! I can have boiled ground beef or chicken mixed with cooked rice--2 parts rice to 1 part meat. I can have water as I want. I can also have cottage cheese, yogurt, cooked noodles, chicken broth, ground beef, lam or chicken, boiled eggs and/or chicken or beef baby food!

Dr. Lewis was very sad that this is happening to me. She said she really feels that were on the right track with the Cushings. She told mama not to worry that I am not eating and drinking much. That is the medicine working with the Cushings. It is supposed to have that effect. Dr Lewis wants mama to call her tomorrow and update her on my condition.

So I am home now...a bit more interested in what is going on around me, but still not caring to eat. I suppose I will eat when I am hungry.

Let's all send Checkers some Paw power

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Our friend Checkers has gone to the bridge. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him. crycrycry
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RIP checkers. love ya Buddy.

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It is coming up on a year that I have made my journey to the Rainbow Bridge. little angellittle angel Mama is still as sad today as she was then.

Thank you all for being friends to my mama...you have given her strength. hughug

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