Animal Abuse Hurts Everyone

Ruby Dust

Who says dogs- aren't people- too?
Barked: Thu Jun 4, '09 8:36am PST 
Hi Everybody,
Momma got hurt last night while she was volunteering for a rescue for unwanted and abused animals. This rescue is licensed for exotic pets.
Momma cleans cages and works with many animals including Kinkajous. A Kinkajou is animal sometimes known as a Honey Bear. It has a prehensile tail and a six inch tongue to drink nectar. They resemble a monkey but are related to raccoons. They are legal to own as pets in Illinois.
Kinkajou's teeth are sharp and Kinkajous have bacteria in their mouths that cause mean infections when they bite you.
Mom got bite by an abused Kinkajou last night. She had to go to the Emergency room. Both of her hands and one leg have swelling and multiple puncture wounds.
This Kinkajou was badly abused by her previous owner and took out her frustrations on my Mom last night while Momma was cleaning her cage.
Please don't own animals that are beyond your experience level. Exotics are not for everyone. They take way more effort to house and keep happy and healthy. Do ridiculous amounts of research before you even think about buying a pet...especially exotics!!! The breeders don't always tell you the negative side of owning animals. Printed information on exotics is few and far between. Please talk to people who own and rescue exotics before you purchase one. They are the ones who know both sides and can tell you if they honestly make good pets.
KINKAJOUS DO NOT MAKE GOOD PETS! Not only are they escape artists and cannot be house trained, but they get very hard to work with when they are sexually mature. This fact makes them prone to abuse or neglect by their owners. Therefore, they really don't make good pets.
Rescue a dog, cat or small animal from a shelter instead. They are just dieing for a homeā€¦and I do mean that literally.