I hope I get one!

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Gotta catch that- bird!!
Barked: Sun May 31, '09 10:25pm PST 
Crossing fingers! I just noticed that Lilli is shedding a lot lately, she didn't last year but she was only one year old. Now she's a grown lady and that involves shedding lol. *Prays* please, Jesus, let me get one!

Lucee - I give hugs
Barked: Mon Jun 1, '09 7:23am PST 
Even though we don't have an undercoat we still shed some. And now that our pawrents have replaced their carpet with laminate flooring we are leaving "dog hair dust bunnies"

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Ty (2001 - 2011)

Being a house- dog is good
Barked: Mon Jun 1, '09 7:53am PST 
BOL! We have hardwood floors and no matter how much mom cleans, the dog hair bunnies come back almost immediately! big laugh

Sir Lancelot

Barked: Mon Jun 1, '09 8:24am PST 
Hey FURballs puppy hahahahaha...

are you entering the contest every day? go to dogster's homepage and click on the link on the FURminator section... fill out the info everyday... FURminator is giving away a tool every through the end of July! THAT'S CRAZINESS! The winners are being picked at random (of course- have to be fair!) at the beginning of August...

My mommy works at FURminator.... and she uses the tool on me!!! I love it - i lay on the couch or the floor and stretch out and let her go to town on me! I love getting rid of some of my FUR coat! its supposed to be HOT here today... maybe she'll use it on me today before our walk tonight... hint hint mom! puppy

Good luck everyone!
Jack, GPC

I'm a Momma's- boy.
Barked: Mon Jun 1, '09 9:53am PST 
I've got my paws crossed to win one for my Mom. She would love it more than me.

The wonder- pooch!
Barked: Tue Jun 2, '09 8:13pm PST 
Really need this! Not having any luck w/anything else. The hair is white, so we see it every where!
Bogey: In- our Hearts- Always

Happiness =- rescue and- adoption!
Barked: Wed Jun 3, '09 10:02am PST 
the furminator is Pawsome! Our mom worked at a grooming salon for 4 years and the furminator was the only tool that REALLY worked to de-shed the doggies.
we hope to win one for our house! We are a bunch of furballs!
Love, Bogey and familydog

I'm a good boy!
Barked: Fri Jun 5, '09 12:00pm PST 
Mom says I'm a year 'round shedding machine, so I would like to win one for her. big grin
In Loving- Memory of- Chuck

Barked: Sat Jun 6, '09 7:01pm PST 
Mom is still trying to come up with a way to use our fur.I shed the most but the others are not far behind.We pugs do shed alot.So this would be perfect for mom.She has tried everything and we still shed.
Roswell,- CGC, NPC

Cancer sucks :(
Barked: Sun Jun 7, '09 2:03pm PST 
I've been entering almost everyday. I'm in high shed mode right now and could really use one of these! shock Mom's used a Furminator that she borrowed from work on me a couple times, but it'd be pawsome to have one of our own! dancing
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