Micheal Vick

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*~Nikita~*- OUR ANGEL

Goofball- Princess
Barked: Tue Sep 15, '09 8:21am PST 
NO! NEVER! Mommy says, "Disgusting, ignorant, uncivilized subhumans who commit atrocious acts on innocent animals and children should NEVER be forgiven and should be forced to pay for their crimes for the remainder of their lives - they KNOW what's right from wrong - so they shouldn't be doing something that is against humanity or the animal kingdom".

Michael Vick, his "co-conspirators" and anyone who supports him and says that he should be forgiven and that "he's paid enough for his crimes" - need to be OUSTED from society.

All animal lovers and those who abhore animal cruelty should ban together and boycott ANY NFL team that hires him - boycott all games ... spam the team and the advertisers with emails that they will not buy their products - this vile "human" do NOT deserve to be put on a pedestal and allowed to be "worshiped" ever again as a sports icon ... he deserves to be kicked to the curb and shunned by all civilized society!

~Nikita and family
☼Annie- ☼

Tricks bring me,- Mama, and all- else joy!
Barked: Fri Sep 18, '09 1:39pm PST 
I believe that Vick just fell into Pier Pressure's trap just like any teen would do. When you have all that money and you breed Pits and have bad friends, something's bound to happen and I could see it coming that something would happen...

I'm glad he had his time (though it may have not been long enough) but anyway...

I watched that 60 minutes show and some of his answers I thought were atrotious!

I can't read his mind or really see how "badly" he feels, but I know I need to get past my judgemental beliefs and look at the things he can do to STOP dog fighting now.

Barked: Sun Sep 20, '09 9:54am PST 
Hey Guys you know he wasn't convicted on dog fighting charges don't you , he only plead guilty on conspiracy to set up dog fiighting charges, and money issues not animal abuse or dog fighting , to this day he has plead not guilty on those charges. So should he be absolved of the crime , not no but you know what no, he should not even be considered for play until he does at least that, then so much of his income should go to the rescue organizations that have taken care or his old dogs. Also he shoud have to do community service , by working in a rescue organiztation for a few years. Well that 's how I feel for what its worth.

*~Nikita~*- OUR ANGEL

Goofball- Princess
Barked: Sun Sep 20, '09 9:09pm PST 
Oso, I sooooooo agree with you! I know what my Mommy would like to do to Michael Vick if she was ever given the chance to be in the same room as him - and she doesn't really care HOW big and tall he is either! Me? I could never forgive him for what he did frown
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