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Mia My Tiny- Angel

Born to love- Mommie
Barked: Mon Jun 8, '09 4:51pm PST 
Hi Furfriends,

We haven't been on here much lately, Mom gets so busy and then she doesn't have much time to let us get on computer.

Tiki, you are getting new furniture and you get to go into places that you aren't suppose to how fun. We don't get to go into the front part of the house cause Mom says that is for the kitties and if we get in that area we eat the cat food Mom gets mad when we do that.

We had a nice day today, while Mom was gone walking her clients dogs for a couple of hours we had to stay in our crates, we have to stay in there cause we are bad we chase the kitties and sometimes we go potty in the house.shrugred face Mom says we can be bad dogs.

Gypsy Girl- Princess
Barked: Tue Jun 9, '09 7:37am PST 
MY BAD...(really my mommy's) face i have not been here for a few days....she has been working at the convention center...NOW this week is her Relay For me will have to really stay on her to let me on the puter...i'll just give her my squint-eye....that works!

~Katie~ hows the new furniture?

*Mia* yeah we all are bad doggies from time-to-time....but we just got to give our sad puppy face and moms usually meltbig laugh

be back soon .....promise.....wave

I was born to be- loved.
Barked: Tue Jun 9, '09 7:41am PST 
Morning chi's , Hey Mia wave we will be getting some new furniture but not yet, and I do go alot of places where dogs don't go, cause I have a job to do, I have made my mom's life so much better. I get to see a lot of people, but they can not pet me, cause I am a service dog and it is not allowed. hope everyone has a great day see ya latter.xoxoxox


Hold me please!
Barked: Tue Jun 9, '09 12:09pm PST 
Good afternoon wave
Some strange men came in a truck and brought our new couch. It smells really interesting and we all got up on it to see if we all fit. And we DO! Lots of room. I think it will be nice. I can't get up there by myself and neither can Molly, but the boys can jump up there. Mom says I could if I really wanted to cause I can jump up on the raised beds in the yard and the couch isn't as high as they are! Maybe one day I'll discover that. She is just as happy that I don't cause jumping off of things scares her. Not me though!

Tiki it sounds like you are very good at your job. I think it would be fun to have a job. Do you like it? I'm sure your mommy really appreciates your help.
Mia My Tiny- Angel

Born to love- Mommie
Barked: Tue Jun 9, '09 5:16pm PST 
Hi Chi's

hope you all are having a good day, we are Mom was in and out today, I am now with Mom but she has to keep putting me down she is printing out her newsletter to send out to her clients....

Sorry Tiki, Mom did type the wrong name for the new furniture it was suppose to be katie, sounds like you have a very important job being a service dog. Where do you go when you are a service dog and what do you actually do?

Katie sounds like your Mom got her new couch, when Mom got her new furniture she put towels on the couch and chair so we wouldn't get them dirty and now we have a doggie bed we have to get in. But Mom knows when you have animals and you love them they end up on the furniture anyway...

Hope all of you have a nice evening Mom has to go so that means I have to get off now too. Talk to you all tomorrow!!!!!blue dogwave

Hold me please!
Barked: Wed Jun 10, '09 8:02am PST 
Mom lets us just about everywhere except the cat's room. Me and Molly do sneak in there sometimes - but we are nice to the cat. Tucker and Sparky are not very nice to her usually. Especially Tucker - he likes to chase her. And she's pretty old - she'll be 11 this summer - so mom hates it when he does that. Anyhow - furniture - mom has been getting leather furniture - she thinks it's tougher and doesn't soak up doggy smells and hairs as bad as fabric. And if the boys decide to "decorate" it washes off easier too. So far so good. Other stuff, she just makes sure is washable so if we have an accident or bring something in that is really dirty, it cleans easy.

I was born to be- loved.
Barked: Wed Jun 10, '09 7:41pm PST 
Good evening chi's, Mia, I go with mommy when she does her laundry, or to get meds. and sometimes we go shopping, I can go to wal mart but she thinks I am to small to go on the escalator, she is affraid my tiny paws will get caught so I just go in a carrier that straps around her, so I am close by. I am able to let her know if she is about to have a panic attack, mom says I have made her life so much better. she is now able to do more and more things each month. next we will try going on the bus. well talk at you all later hope all you chi's have a good night.cheer

Hold me please!
Barked: Thu Jun 11, '09 7:53am PST 
Good morning!
I had an interesting night last night. I was outside and sniffing around in the flower beds - all very normal. But I came up to mommy and was holding up one of my back legs - wouldn't walk on it. And then I started chewing on my foot. So mommy picked me up and checked my foot and thought she saw something between the pads. She is worried now and hoping I am not hurt. The ER vet is 30 minutes away! So in the house we go - she has to get her glasses to see what's in my foot. There is something there - not very big. So we get her tweezers and pull it out. Not sure what it was - looked like maybe a little stinger! So I am very good and let me mess with my foot. And then I get some cream cheese - yummy! mommy snuck a little benedryl pill in there! and pretty soon, no more itchy foot and I'm walking on it fine. PHEW had mommy a bit worried there for a minute. She said I was a very good girl to let her mess around with my feet - no growls or nips at all.
♬ Koko- ♬

I Rule The- House
Barked: Thu Jun 11, '09 8:08am PST 
Katie I am glad you where okay and wow you let your mommy do that while you was hurting. You are a braver doggie then I am...when I hurt myself mommy had to hold my head while daddy looked at me casue I would nip at him red face But it really hurted red face I am glad you are okay though hug

It is going to be a busy day for mommy that means a lonely day for us chi's here cry I am spending more and more time in my crate lately and I wasn't even bad thinkingthinking I don't think I was thinkingthinking

Mommy says she is doing it cause she don't want anymore puppies shrug how do we get more puppies if Gigi already had them shrug

She says it's cause Lady is in season now...whatever that means and that she is to tiny to carry my puppies so I have to be crated since the gate didn't stop me last time. Mommy says all our problems will be fixed when I am fixed eek That is so not fair cry

Hope all you chi's have a great day today hug
Crazy Daisy

Crazy little- monkey
Barked: Thu Jun 11, '09 5:54pm PST 
uh oh Katie, glad to hear that your paw is all better.. close call!

Tiki, that is so good that you are a service dog and get to go everywhere with your mommy.. good job keepin' her safe! Do you hafta wear a shirt saying you're a service dog?

OH NO KOKO!! ARE YOU BROKEN??! If you are, I guess it's good that you get fixed, even though it's sad you hafta stay in the crate. At least after you are fixed you won't have to stay in the crate.. when is the big day?

We had a lazy day today.. got to play with the kitties and clean and lounge around.. good day if you ask me!
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