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Barked: Sat Apr 11, '09 2:30pm PST 
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Subject: I will probably be going to Heaven soon

Dear friends,

I am real sick the vet has done everything they can. There is nothing else they can do. There is no reason even for my fever to be so very very high at 105.3 and not going down it's been this way for awhile now. I've been sick for 2 weeks and fighting so hard.

But the vets are figuring now it wasn't poison like they first thought they are thinking I have cancer which is the most probably case. Even if in such a small amount through out my body.
Mommy can't afford the $3000 to $5000 ultrasound needed to see if that is what it is.

The blood results show somewhere in my body I am deteriorating as my body tries to attack what is making me so sick and is failing at doing so.
They showed everything else normal the monistat level is in the high level whatever that is mom said. And my blood pressure is up.

I am not truly eating much or drinking a lot mommy has been giving me water all week using a turkey bastor for the most part. I don't chase my sisters any more I just lay around and sleep and stay by mommy's side.

Mommy won't watch me suffer or die like she did my sister Whitie.
I will be making the journey soon.

She is making me as comfortable as she can and hoping she can take me to my own vet to help me make that journey.

Mommy's already in debt with the vet bills she has gotten this past week with having me at the vet everyday trying to help me.
She is sad and I am sad that I will be leaving her.

I know she loves me and I love her too very very much so.
But even though I am still only a baby at a year of age I must make the journey to Heaven and meet my sister Whitie and family there until the day Mommy and I meet again. I wonder if Bon-Bon will be happy to see me again.

So pls my friends keep my mommy in your prayers as she deals once again in a difficult sad time of letting another of her babies (me go to Heaven.) Thank-you And if you can pls post this in your groups
God bless and many snuggles

Caspie the- friendly pommie
Barked: Mon Apr 13, '09 8:13pm PST 
omd confusedcrycrycrycrycrycry
let us know what happen crycrycrycrycrycry
Elsa Our- Guardian- Angel

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Barked: Wed Apr 15, '09 12:29pm PST 
We are praying for you and thinking of your family. Fight hard.
Our prayers and powerful angel dustings are with you.
If you cannot turn back this sickness that is hurting you we will meet you at the bridge where you will be well again.
Run free with us special friend.
Guardian Angel Elsaway to goway to go

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Barked: Sun Apr 19, '09 2:45pm PST 
We love you, and are praying so hard for you. You, and your Mommy, are in our thoughts. Godspeed.
jonathon my- loving angel

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FROM: jonathon

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Subject: Good news about Freedom Star Sent: Fri Apr 17

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Subject: Freedom is going to be ok But MOMMY IS MAD!!

OOH How I want to strangle the towns vet. What a pig he is.

I took Freedom to her own vet today. She said Freedom is going to be ok. But before she said this she checked her abdomen and even did a bowel inspection? sorry don't know what it's called she stuck her fingers in Freedom's bum and checked 3 days worth of her poop which she said told a story.

What she found out was this whole time Freedom had a partial blockage which worked itself out these past couple days and also caused her to have a touch of colitis.

Free is still hurting when she goes to the washroom because her bowels are inflamed and her insides are on the mend to healing. So she is still hurting inside. poor baby had to go through so much because of some stupid vet ugh. We've both had a week from hell I swear.

Her fever today is 103 degrees and starting to go down. Dr Ann Rankin says Freedom needs to rest for the next week and after that she can go back to being Freedom the energized bunny. She will only be allowed rice and chicken and the chicken broth for 2 days after that it will be half rice and chicken and broth and half dog food for a week then she can go back to her food completely.

But she's going to be ok that's the good news and she doesn't need an ultrasound I'm so happy and thanking Jesus and praising HIM that HE helped Freedom push out the partial blockage in her bowels. But she's a fighter which helped her survive of Course Jesus helped her the most because of all your prayers. My baby could've died because of the town vet I am praising and thanking the Lord she didn't and for taking care of her.

I swear I've been through the week from hell it may be wrong of me but I so wish I could strangle the town vet even though I shouldn't cause I'm a Christian but still makes me mad over $700 at that vets place I'm in debt cause of him and if he had done his job properly the first day Free went in he would've known she had a partial blockage and that she hadn't been poisoned but that bacteria inside her own body that couldn't get out was poisoning her.

Like I said I'm praising God she's gonna be ok thank-you so much for all the prayers
Freedom's mom Tara

P.S once again thanks for all your prayers and gifts they have helped a great deal and I really appreciate it.
God bless you all