Old dog eyes


Bridge Angel - always loved
Barked: Fri Apr 10, '09 2:10pm PST 
I have kind of glassy eyes now. The vet said it's not cataracts, it's just "old dog" eyes. Does anyone know what that is, and if it affects my sight?
In Loving- Memory of- Chance

The dog who- didn't stand a- chance
Barked: Sat Apr 11, '09 5:24pm PST 
I'm not sure exactly what it is.

Just that my mom had a pomeranian that had it, too. It didn't seem to affect his sight. That probably doesn't help too much. But, I hope it helped at least a little.

Bridge Angel - always loved
Barked: Thu Apr 16, '09 8:33am PST 
It always helps to know you're not alone. smile I'm just concerned that if he's going deaf and his sight is blurry too, how much that will progress. He's still a very happy dog, I just want to prevent quality of life issues to the extent possible.