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Suzy Q

Born to be loved- & pampered!
Barked: Thu Nov 15, '12 5:18pm PST 
We got back very early this morning. It was good to see everyone.

Krickette, we have seven grandchildren. Our oldest son, Norman & his wife have Cera (17 in December), Rebeka (14), Michael (6) and Jessica (2). Lorie & her husband have Noah (12 in February), Levi (5) and Mercy (2). They all live two hours away in the same town and a couple blocks apart. Since Norm retired we have been their babysitter whenever they need one. We love it. Jason & his wife live three hours away.

I got the quilt all pinned & now I'm ready to start sewing the layers together.
Krickette- CGC TDI

Snowbabie from- Idaho
Barked: Fri Nov 16, '12 3:28pm PST 
Hi Suzi Q wavewavewave very glad your back and your family had a very safe & fun vacation. sounds like they did alot of visiting and so cool the pawrents saw all their grandchildren. Did they also see their family 3 hrs. away? That's what we need here just get away for awhile Of course me go tooway to gosmile

We were going to go to Bend Or. over Thanksgiving but decided against it too many bills that has to be taken care of and with Christmas coming up we changed our mind so we will have Thanksgiving at home with two bros Jeff, Gary and hu-sis in-law Mindy and her parents.

That's good your mom has the quilt pinned and sewing the layers together sounds like easy going nowway to go It's going to be pretty!

Hoping your day has been good and your evening is nice.happy dancedancingblue dog
Suzy Q

Born to be loved- & pampered!
Barked: Fri Nov 16, '12 6:54pm PST 
waveHi, Krickette. Yes, they got to see the family that is three hours away. They spent three days with them then went to see the others.

Norman & his family and Lorie & her family are all coming for Thanksgiving. They are doing Thanksgiving Day with their In-Laws then on Friday we are doing our Thanksgiving get together at Grandma Billie's house. Jason & his wife won't get to come though.

Busy day today doing laundry & chores around the house.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.big hug


Barked: Mon Nov 19, '12 5:36pm PST 
The folks went to mom's twin sister's house today to get some old barn wood. The wood came from an old barn where they grew up. Mom's gonna have dad make her something out of the wood, but she hasn't decided what yet.

Do any of you have any suggestions?thinking

Mom keeps making plans everyday to get certain things done but she is getting frustrated because she doesn't seem to be able to get everything done. Sometimes she can't even get half of it done.shrug

The folks are headed to Wright Patterson Air Force Museum on Tuesday with Norman and his family.
Krickette- CGC TDI

Snowbabie from- Idaho
Barked: Wed Nov 21, '12 7:49pm PST 
Ricky and Suzy Q sounds like your mama is very busy getting ready for your Thanksgiving. Tomorrow is the big day.cheer Jeff' Gary and Mindy are going to be here tomorrow also Oscar and Pistashio. Glad your pawrents enjoyed there trip and visiting the kids and grandkids then on Friday it's your day to have everyone there. From our house to your house we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings. also have a wonderful long weekend.
Van Winkle

Call Me Winkie!
Barked: Wed Nov 21, '12 9:13pm PST 
wave Happy Thanksgiving, everyfur!! big hug

Tuff Marshmallow
Barked: Thu Nov 22, '12 5:24am PST 
Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Things to- do--Places to- go!
Barked: Fri Nov 23, '12 11:56am PST 
wave Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, I know Mama and Daddy did ! We had to stay home It was a beautiful day yesterday, today....not so much ! It's been very quiet around here today, Daddy is at work and the Flying Monkeys are at home . Wondering if any of you went out and battled the crowds....Ughhhh ! Mama's daughter went last night and only was able to get one that worth all the stress ???? shrug

Barked: Sat Nov 24, '12 7:09pm PST 
Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. We did.

It's been very busy & noisy around here with all of the family here. Everyone headed back home today and mom & dad miss them all. The house seems so quiet now.

Mom never goes shopping anywhere during Thanksgiving weekend. No way, no how, it's not worth it. We just do major family time instead.

Here is the picture I promised to share of a cross stitch picture I made....

Counted Cross Stitch Church
Krickette- CGC TDI

Snowbabie from- Idaho
Barked: Sun Nov 25, '12 9:43pm PST 
Hi everybodywavewavewavewave so glad everyone had such a wonderful Thanksgiving Mom is the same way no way in heck were the pawrents going to go out and fight those crowded stores the day after Thanksgiving. Today though we all went and did some Christmas shopping it was kinda fun cause we went to Big 5 sporting goods and I got to go in too so I went Christmas shopping tooway to go Ricky tell your mom that is so beautiful we love it.way to gobig grin
Have a nice night everyonecloud 9
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