A Big Boxers International Welcome to all new members!

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Rocky *Our Angel*

Always & Forever- a Gentleman
Barked: Sun Mar 15, '09 10:37am PST 
wave Hi everyone and welcome to Boxers International! We have new members joining all the time so have a thread to welcome all and introduce yourselves!!
there is so much to do in our group please make sure you browse around and check everything out! A few popular threads.....
Wiggle Butt Lounge
Wiggle Inn and Spa
Make sure you list your BIRTHDAY here!!
Some Tips and Tricks to Share about Dogster

Also feel free to check out the "QOTD" Question of the day which is most always quite interesting!

Enjoy, have fun and PLEASE make sure you participate, that's what makes our group so much fun!

way to gopartypartyhughamster dance

Your group administrators:

Capone, Ruby, Dino, Jack Daniels,Gunner,Cretos,Breski,Allie Gator and Autumn,Nikita,Harley,Sir Boxer Dan,Spencer , Mya & Rocky

"I'm a big girl- now"
Barked: Sun Mar 15, '09 4:18pm PST 
waveThanks Rocky for reminding me about the Spa..shrug There is so much to do here I completly forgot about it.shrug I think I will make an appt next weekend for the worksred face you know, all the gurl stuffbig laugh

Barked: Mon Mar 16, '09 6:47am PST 
waveHi Rocky and Mya!
Oh Mya, you always look so beautiful. Bet you'll be even prettier after your Spa Day!wink
Hi New Members! I am Dino. I like to flirt with the pretty gurls!laugh out loudlaugh out loud No worries though, gurls I am engaged so I won't chase you around unless we are playing a fun game of tag, tug-of-war, football, etc. Please join us in the Wiggle Butt Lounge for some fun. You can click on the link above and when you get to the WBL just click on the upper right hand corner where it says last 10 entries. That will take you to the last page of the WBL where you can join in whatever topic is going on, or start a new one of your own. If we can help with anything don't hesitate to ask any question. We are always willing to help.smile Come join the fun! We hope to see you there! Big Hugs to all our new members!hughug


Want to ride- with me?
Barked: Mon Mar 16, '09 8:34am PST 
hughughug Welcome to Boxers Internationalhughughug
As you can see we have lots and lots of fun herecheercheercheer
Heck if you want we can go for a spin in my red wagonbig laughbig laugh
eekeekeek OMD just look at the new members. Wish I could whistlelaugh out loudlaugh out loud

Barked: Tue Mar 17, '09 6:08pm PST 
waveHi New Members! Welcome to BI. Stop by the WBL(Wiggle Butt Lounge) every now and then. We hope you like our group. Add your birthday so we can help you celebrate your special day.

Barked: Wed Mar 18, '09 6:48am PST 
A Little Bump For other members to see!waveHi all! Welcome to BI!
Hope to see you around!

Want to ride- with me?
Barked: Wed Mar 18, '09 9:31am PST 
wavewavewave Dino I hit that Bump in the road. Hope it's OKcheercheercheer
Hey to all the new pups here at Boxers International. Come on and join the fun and food and GREAT conversations at the Wiggle Butt Lounge and don't forget the spa... Oh la la eekeekeekeek

Barked: Thu Mar 19, '09 7:00am PST 
waveWelcome to BI to all the new members! We all hope to see you around!

Barked: Tue Mar 24, '09 6:53am PST 
waveWelcome New Members! Hope to see you around!smile

Barked: Tue Mar 24, '09 5:39pm PST 
waveHi new memberswave I am Spencer...hope you can all stop in the WB Lounge when you get a chance so we can get to know you all better. big grin We do have lots of fun & yes Dino is a big flirt but harmless & what a great cook.-$ Me on the other hand, well I am the perfect single boxer & always up for a pawty.blue dog If your up for a ride in a red wagon or Harley motorcycle then you may want to talk to my pal Harley...I think he could fix you up with either.laugh out loud If your a messy pup then their is our pal Gunnerapplause alway ready to clean up yours & "my" mess, outfit & all. way to go Ruby on the other hand will make sure that your B-day or Gotta day is taken care ofdancing last but not least you can alway count on JD & Capone to pull out the tug-war or bubble globe for any occasion.

So please come join us for a bunch of fun.....I didn't forget Rockylaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud He is probably the one that got you into this wonderful club in the first place
applause We will call him the commander & chiefway to go
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