Power of The Paw for Our Dear Friend Ellie Mae


Barked: Wed Mar 4, '09 2:30pm PST 
Please pray for dear sweet Ellie Mae. She was hit by a car and has a badly broken leg. The vets are hoping she can hang on for the next 24 hours so they can do surgery.
Mr. Zuki- DePoops- (RIP)

Until there are- none, adopt one!
Barked: Mon Mar 16, '09 7:28pm PST 
Oh no...praying for her...POTP for her.


the supervisor
Barked: Tue Mar 17, '09 4:26pm PST 
feel better Ellie Mae, hughughughughug

Mr. Salomon:- Our Sully- Angel

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Barked: Sat Mar 21, '09 7:34am PST 
Putting paws together and praying VERY hard ! Please join me!

Barked: Fri Apr 3, '09 3:29pm PST 
I am pleased to report that Ellie Mae is recovering nicely. They were able to save her leg and she should be good as new in no time.