What are you doing?

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Little- Grasshopper
Barked: Fri Jun 26, '09 1:32pm PST 
We watched that to Hershey. It is sad. Right now it's 4;#$ and we are inside but waiting to go out then eat when we get back in. It was in the 90's again today so we were in a lot. snoopy

A good nap is- all I need
Barked: Fri Jun 26, '09 3:01pm PST 
it's 3:17 CA time and we are napping cuz it's hot-

Knot Head
Barked: Sat Jun 27, '09 12:22pm PST 
Just laying around enjoying the AC. We have 90's again. puppy


Merry Christmas- and God Bless- Everyone
Barked: Mon Jun 29, '09 5:14pm PST 
It's 5:10 in Placerville CA
Whew! The temp here is 105 in the shade. shock
I'm sitting here staring at Mom 'cause Dad just left in the golf cart and I am not in it. frown
He says it is too hot for me to be out there running around.
Later tonight Mom and I can go with him and go for our walk...probably be 10:00 p.m.
♥Kady- ♥

Little tinky- princess
Barked: Mon Jun 29, '09 11:34pm PST 
Daddy,mommy and I,went for a late night walk,1 am!shock It's the city though,so...not sooo noisy late at night,and also coolerdancing
Dad gets annoyed,at my constant stopping and peeing,and sniffing!laugh out loud Then we sat on th front steps and mom even brought my fur-bro,Smooshy diva,outshockeek He likes the breeze,and sits pretty good on mom's lap,but,then he will get a sudden urge to bolt,and mom holds him close and kisses his lil flat face and headlaugh out loud so,fun times!way to go
Alexandria- (Sweetest- Angel)

Running Devil
Barked: Tue Jun 30, '09 11:53am PST 
Just waiting to go out. dog

can I run now?- how 'bout now?- Now? Now?
Barked: Thu Jul 2, '09 1:23pm PST 
wavewave Efurryone-
Today we are waiting fur my little boy to come play with us. He is our BFF Freddie's "daddy" and we have so much when they comeblue dogblue dog
Walker- (Angel Boy)

Barked: Thu Jul 2, '09 2:45pm PST 
wave Just taking it easy. We just ate. puppy

Merry Christmas- and God Bless- Everyone
Barked: Sat Jul 4, '09 8:38am PST 
That's cool, Kady...starts singing

"Walkin' After Midnight...."

I like night walks in the warm weather....sometimes I get spooked and jump when I see shadows moving.
Mom laughs at me.
Walker- (Angel Boy)

Barked: Sat Jul 4, '09 11:50am PST 
We are resting. In our neiborhood there are firework's going off. Alexandria get's scared. She has to take pill's and stay in but us other dog's aren't bothered by it. It's 2hi52 dog
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