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cheercheer One more member and we will be at 200!!! cheercheer

Ok onto important questions....with all the new puppies we have in our group...mom was thinking did any of you have to go to puppy schoolthinking or maybe you were a bit older when you came to momshrug Did you go to any obedience classes and if so did you like them??,

Moms girl...
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thinking Well I was forced to go to puppy kindergarten...then after I graduated,Riley stands up a little straighter...top of my class I might addwink I moved onto dogie obedience...then to off leash training camp...I loved all my classes cheercheercheer Mom has videos of me at school smiling the whole time. I especially liked play time after...snoopysnoopy
As an added note I would like to mention that Logan barely made it through kindergarten and dog obedience shh the pawrents did not even bother with more classes for that oneshh we are only four months apart and I am younger and clearly smartersilenced can we all say special edsilencedred faceshock
I will not even tell you how long it took him to get the whole potty thing down...just shameful laugh out loudbig laughlaugh out loudbig laughlaugh out loudbig laugh

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Well, I was 1 1/2 when I adopted my mom. The sister of the man who brought me to Atlanta from New Orleans offered to pay for an obedience class if my mom wanted to take me. Well, my mom figured, hey, it's free - why not?!

Since I'm a timid girl and wasn't used to PetSmart, my first day didn't go very well. I hid under my mom's chair the entire time and the clicker scared the bajeebees out of me (since I was already under the chair, my mom didn't know the clicker was bothering me, too). The trainer told everyone to take the clicker home and practice what was learned in class that day. Well, my mom thought I would do much better in my own environment, so off we went. Well, when we got home, my mom started the clicker training. It was then she realized I didn't like the clicker. She called the trainer and was told to just throw out the clicker and use a word instead. My mom picked a word and tried to continue with the training. Well, she then discovered I was still stressed. Whenever my mom would give me a command, I would hide because I thought the clicker would follow shock Needless to say, we had to stop training until I got myself together.

Once my mom saw I was no longer stressed and she could give me commands without me cowering, she contacted the trainer to see if we could try taking the class again. We did and this time we didn't use the clicker. People around us were using it, but it didn't bother me. I didn't hide under the chair this time either. I did VERY well as a matter of fact. Unfortunately, we didn't continue to the next level because my mom just couldn't afford it. She decided to just home school me laugh out loud

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My mom didn't know anything about the classes when she "inherited" me from my skin brother.red face I am such a good boy. I guess you could say "I'm Home Schooled!"big laughbig laughbig laugh