December 21st QOTD....


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Barked: Sun Dec 21, '08 4:21am PST 
Well yesterday I was treated to yet another torture session at the groomersconfused anyway dad usually does my nails with the drummel this power file thing...well yesterday he told Alicia to take care of my nails cause he noticed on Thursday it was about time for my mani/pedi....usually every two weeks or so dad does them. Moving on since he knew I would be at the beauty parlor on Saturday he figured why bother shrug
Well My nail has been bleeding since I got home and mom is worried...has this ever happened to any of you??

Moms girl...
Barked: Sun Dec 21, '08 4:27am PST 
frown My mom is so upset!! Every time I go outside she has to put my booties on...or else my nail will start to bleed.confused Dad says they got me good and he will not have Alicia do my nails anymore...actually mom made him promise.way to go It seems to be closed this morning....however mom is still making me wear my booties outsideshrug Dad put some stuff on that is suppose to stop the bleeding ...however that did not seem to work for long....I have been a brave girl and seem unfased by the whole thing....actually I think mom is the only one upset...the blood and all is just making her act crazywink....any suggestions would be greatway to go
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Well I will tell you whats...when mom first got me...she thought she was a manicurist and took after my nails...she cut my nail so far that it bled like an open vein...blood was spurting everywhere, the carpet was soak and mom was freakin out calling the vet...I let out on yelp but after that I just shook and wouldn't let mom near me...*would you??shock*
Anyway they said use cornstarch (Mom stuck my whole paw in it)or that stuff your dad prolly slowly stopped after a day...but
I hate mom touching my nails now and freak out and there will be no dremel near me ever...she uses the clippers with a lot of pulling and whining from her cuz I don trust her at all anymorenaughty

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One of my mom's MANY worries about me is cutting my nails. She bought several nail choppers till she got a 'good' one. It's a Bamboo and has a compartment with some type of powder {{can't think of the name!}} that will stop bleeding if you cut too short. But the mother is always timid cutting my nails anyhow and will cut small cuts.
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Mom tried that Pedi-Paws thing on me(similiar to Dremmel), but I wanted nothing to do with that thing.shock She has tried several different clippers too.shrug Mom has never clipped my nails too short, but I just won't cooperate with her when she wants to trim my nails. Now she has Dad take us to a place to have our nails done. Last time we went, my brother had a problem with one of his nails bleeding. Mom just used cornstarch or flour to stop the bleeding and put a small gauze wrapping on his paw. She then put his boot on so he wouldn't take it off. He was ok after one day, but the amount of blood from one little nail was unbelievable.shock My brother lets mom do his nails with that nail thingy, so now she does his nails. I just won't cooperate at all, so still go to the groomers.shrug

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Funny you should say your dad does your nails with those dremel things, Riley, because my mom went and purchased one a while ago because she wanted to be able to do my nails in between my grooming appointments. My nails grow fast and because most of them are dark and you can't see the quick, the groomer can never cut them real short. So, my mom bought this thing and has been afraid to use it ever since it arrived laugh out loud I've never had a problem with the groomer, though, which is good.

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Barked: Sun Dec 21, '08 3:41pm PST did not come at us right away with the drumel...he turned it on let us get use to the sound...a few minutes every night he did this...then he left it on the floor while watching a movie one night...then it came the Rye sit...give me your paw....and away he went...I do not care at all....I just sit and listen to dad call me a good girl....I didn't mind the clippers just thought filing would be much better for us. Thanks for the tip you guys about the corn starch....we were using that septic stick before...however it was not working that is doing better thoughway to go thank goodnesswink

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Yeah, Riley, the instructions say to let me get used to it first before starting to actually use it. My mom can do that part --- the part she's afraid of is hitting the quick because most of my nails, which makes it hard to see the quick. The instructions say to do a little at a time, but she still isn't sure about using it, yet.

I hope you're completely healed, Riley!