December 9th QOTD....


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Barked: Tue Dec 9, '08 2:15am PST 
With the economy the way it is...lets share some gift giving money saving ideasway to go Come on ladies I know you have some...and guys toored face I think we are mostly a gals though I mean no disrespect red facebig grin

Moms girl...
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Ok here is what I did...I had some pups we had to get gifts know the gift exchange cheercheer So I went to the dollar storeway to go I had to did through the bins however I got six cute toys ...for $6.00way to go I went to the regular Pet store to get treats for the pups cause I just did not know about getting them at the Dollar Storeshock I also got great paper and ribbon there...of course I had to again search for a roll that was longer than 10 sq feet and not hideouslaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud But all in all I say the trip was worth itway to go
I also went on line to find to best prices on the toys my niece and nephews wanted...I did a little research before heading to the stores to see who had what at the best prices...cheer
shrug Lets face it between buying for family,dogs and friends it can get crazyshock I also found some cute little dog bone shaped I am making dogie cookies to fill them for family pups...with the recipe Boo's mom suppliedway to go

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Great ideas Mel! I unfortunately do not have alot of family left so I don't have as many gifts to buy folks as most. Next weekend a couple of friends and I are getting together for a bake night. We're dipping pretzels in chocolate, making fudge, making cookies, etc. And then going to the dollar stores for gift tins or bags. way to go


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Ann consider yourself lucky I am not close bylaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud I of course would volunteer my taste testing skillsway to go you could not push me out the doorlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud

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Just a thought...thinking has anybody else ever noticed,everybody else's goodies always seem to taste bettershrug
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Everything tastes better when you don't have to make it yourself!laugh out loudlaugh out loud

A suggestion is watch the Craft Stores for sales. I live in NJ so we have Michael's and one mom can't remember the name. Sometimes you can get some real nice tins for 50 cents. Or sometimes they have some real nice ones for only a dollar. You can pick up some
plastic flowers or lace to dress them up reasonable too.
Mom has found some real nice tins in the dollar store to.way to go

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well mom only has gammie...and one brother so she uses us and our dog furiends as excuses to go wild!!!!
Mom spends more time on dog prezzies than she does fur human ones.
Mom has never had a whole lot of money so she learned to save long thing she does is handmake gifts...she does it every year with stuff around the house. She loves crafts and is an artist by nature..he she thinks of stuff allll the time...

we ain't tellin though cuz santy paws is knockin on sum doors here shortly..hehe

Now to find out how to ship cheaply..hehe...
Mom sends overseas every year and the shipping charges are more than the gift!!!!

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Well, this year we're cutting costs by not giving to adults -- only the children, and of course the furbabies. My sister and brother-in-law have a Doberman puppy who really doesn't need a thing. I'll probably get her a toy and/or a collar. As for the kids/children, I look for sales when buying for them. had a GREAT sale on dog beds, so I was able to get one for Coco --- if any pups are reading this ... don't you dare tell Coco ... ha ha ha ha ... oh boy!