December 8th QOTD...


Moms girl...
Barked: Mon Dec 8, '08 2:51pm PST 
Sorry this is so late logged on this morning and had every intention of doing our QOTD...however she read our messages first and came across the petition for Karly...she got so upset about that 6 month old puppy being murdered!! She just could not do a I guess todays question is this...Does your mom ever get very upset about the stuff she reads or hears about being done to these poor animals...that she just goes into a funk??

Moms girl...
Barked: Mon Dec 8, '08 2:55pm PST 
cry Mom was so upset about Karly she was just...well she woke dad up and made him read it. Mom told dad if she saw such a thing happen reason would go right out the window...God himself would not of been able to help. It is sickening the thought of that poor puppy!! I just can not stop thinking about it...Then I see what happened to little Tammy by her owner no less!! What is wrong with these people??
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Barked: Mon Dec 8, '08 4:48pm PST 
Definitely. I get so upset at hearing stories like this morning. But to be honest sometimes the blogs can be just as upsetting. Especially if you get people writing in about a story that involves pits. I feel like I have to defend our breed but some people are out and out mean about their opinions.

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Barked: Mon Dec 8, '08 4:51pm PST 
I didn't see what happened to these puppies, but my mom gets real upset when she reads or sees a story where a fur baby is abused. It seems a shame that people can be so cruel to a poor defenseless animal. Hopefully, God, will give the proper judgement to them when their time comes. No good ever comes of abusing others, be it hooman or fur baby.

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Barked: Tue Dec 9, '08 5:09pm PST 
I get EXTREMELY upset!! I can't even talk about it without getting very emotional. It gets so bad, people look at me with a, "daaag, what's wrong with her" look. My co-worker brought up the story about the woman who left her dog outside in the freezing weather and he got stuck to the ground. I said, someone should leave her outside in the freezing weather and let her face stick to the ground. I can't believe I sit and watch the animal cop shows and I'm on the mailing list for Pet Lovers Tips: For the Love of Dog. Every day there's a story in their newsletter about someone abusing an animal. There's so much evil in this world --- so many lost people.

I understand how you feel, Melani -- I truly do.

Be well, everyone!
- Carla