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Kodiak * CGC

Barked: Sun Nov 30, '08 10:29pm PST 
Everyone needs to start sharing all of their photos please.

Trevor Surf Cup Finalists

You go to blingee.com or
pick out a picture that you want and paste the url below it into the comments box when you give a gift..

once in a while they don't turn out but most of the time its good. let me know if you have any trouble and I can try to explain it again. I'll start a thread in our group and maybe Webster can help. He is really good at stuff like that.

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Ya gotta make- yer own- sunshine!
Barked: Sun Nov 30, '08 11:33pm PST 
Hey how come that one dude next to Trevor doesn't have the medal like everybody else? Did they run out of em or sumthin? thinkingthinkingshrug

Jas' man!
Barked: Mon Dec 1, '08 8:25pm PST 
Great pic Kodiak! Did you have trouble taking that? big laughbig laughbig laughbig laugh

Kodiak * CGC

Barked: Mon Dec 1, '08 9:20pm PST 
He had it in his pocket.
The picture would have been better if he had it on.

We all noticed the same thing but it was too late. We didn't notice till after the picture was taken.

You picked Trev right out of that photo. You are very good.

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Bella Bunny is- coming to town.
Barked: Tue Dec 2, '08 1:04pm PST 
Pawsome picture! I'm surprised there isn't a paw in the way laugh out loud

Does every fur know how to hover pics? I can write an the way to do it, it's not hard.
Baby Bull Dozer

slobber and- slime. Its o.k.
Barked: Tue Dec 2, '08 3:04pm PST 
You should do that lovely Bella. By the way when are you going to put up a photo?

Bella Bunny is- coming to town.
Barked: Thu Dec 4, '08 7:50am PST 
I will pull the instructions later and post.

Sweetie...go see the picture I hovered in the Christmas Card thread happy dancehappy dancehappy dance
Baby Bull Dozer

slobber and- slime. Its o.k.
Barked: Thu Dec 4, '08 9:52am PST 
On my way!

Eternally in- love with- Katie...
Barked: Sat Dec 6, '08 12:28am PST 
dog Hey - check this out!


big grin

Bella Bunny is- coming to town.
Barked: Sat Dec 6, '08 7:51am PST 
I don't know if it was me Webbie...but that was a little confusing. I do it this way

~create an account with www.photobucket.com (free and easy)
~down load the pictures you want to post in photobucket.

***check the size of photo before you download. The bigger the size the bigger it will be in the thread. 600 x 600 is a good size or smaller.

When your pictures are down loaded there will be 4 codes under it.
direct link

Put your mouse pointer over the photo and all the codes will appear beneath the photo.

Open up another window...so there will be 3 now.


~From photobuckt copy the direct link code

~Paste the code in the first box that says link on the johradchenko site

~The next box says link discription, put in whatever you want the link to say.

~Hit Create Forum Code and your picture will come up along with a large box with the code in it. Hit Select all with the left side of your mouse and then hit cut

~Paste the code in the thread.

It will be a large code but when you post it, all that will come up is the link discription you entered.

When you scroll your mouse over the link discription your photo will pop up big grin

This is called hovering.

To post a link to another site...
I will have to put this in sections other wise it will disapear by dogster:

Link text

Do not have a space between the arrow and the on link text I must be all one sentence.


Google Site

I have to show it to you like this. Now when you have both parts put together this is what you get:

Google Site

If you have questions let me know. This is how someone taught me and it was the easiest for me. Other ways were too confusing...again, for me who can be computer challenged laugh out loud
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