Hi I'm New. :)

Snoop Dogg

Not, Snoopie.- Just Snoop!
Barked: Wed Nov 26, '08 6:05pm PST 
Hi guys. I just joined today. My name is Snoop. I was named after the singer of course. I am 7 years old. (i think, my mommy isnt sure of my exact age!) I would love to make some new friends here!

Sqeaky Toys- beware!
Barked: Wed Nov 26, '08 6:24pm PST 
Yeah!!! well you can be sure to have fun here...we have a great group here....make yourself at home...don't be shy in posting in the threads....


Rub my belly- paw-leeeeze
Barked: Wed Nov 26, '08 7:09pm PST 
Welcome, Snoop!! Yes, this is a GREAT group. We have a bunch of fun here!!
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Moms girl...
Barked: Thu Nov 27, '08 4:36am PST 
wave Hi Snoop...great to meet you!!!way to go So glad you joined our little grouphug
♥- Brutus- ♥

Born to Play
Barked: Thu Nov 27, '08 6:20am PST 
Hey Snoop! Welcome to our group buddy! You will love it here just like we do! cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9
Snoop Dogg

Not, Snoopie.- Just Snoop!
Barked: Sat Nov 29, '08 10:52am PST 
thanks everybody. I love making new friends. smile