***HIDE***Our newest member Emma needs our help


Barked: Tue Sep 30, '08 9:59am PST 
Emma is a beautiful little girl sad to say she was born with a cleft Palate so we need to help her with her eating nutritionally You can go to Friends of Emma and help support her needs to give her a forever life. Also she needs a forever home who can give her the attention she needs while she gets the corrections she needs to become a great friend

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Oh, how sad! I never knew dogs could be born with that. cry

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Neither did I Lucy

Emma: Cleft- Palate- SURVIVOR!!

Barked: Thu Oct 2, '08 6:50am PST 
Hi you guys!!

Mommy wanted me to thank you very much for posting my story here!!

She says also to tell you that, right now, I'm not looking for a furever home because Mommy is giving me all the care and love I need to get through all of the bad stuffs I have to go through till I'm better....

I already had 4 surgeries when I was just a little bitty thing (just 36 hours old was the first one! And 3 more my first week of life!) but most of what the dogtors did, didn't stick.... so now Mommy just hasta' help me grow bigger and stronger so that I can have my next two surgeries when I'm 'bout 3 months old.

I turned 8 weeks old this past Monday and I am growing and thriving!!

Mommy says it will be lotsa' months before I can go to a new home... she wants me to be all through my surgeries and treatment and no longer considered an "at risk baby" when my new mom and dad bring me to my furever home!

Please come by and see me in my new group!! We have lots goin' on over there!! A couple of different raffles with great prizes to raise monies for my surgeries AND a Halloween Costume Contest (that doesn't cost a single thing, and we have great prizes for those winners too!!)

I'd be tickled pink to see you all there!!!

Emma's New Group: Friends Of Emma

Love, Emma
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Read your story Little One. So much for a tiny little thing to go through. Who WOULDN"T try to save you. Your Mommy is giving you so much love and care that it just isn't possible for you not to grow up healthy. Jackson.

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Your welcome Emma we need to help her she is tube feed cause she could not get feed by her real mommy from normal doggie feeding as a little puppy Actually I knew dogs can get a cleft palate just like humans do Emma is not the first one when we were kids there was a Chihuahua with a cleft palate in the shelter were we got Queenie a brown German Shepard and I really wanted him over Queenie