Advice for a torn ACL?


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Barked: Fri Sep 19, '08 11:47am PST 
It's been almost a year of recovery from my FCE and now I've torn my ACL in my good leg! Just wondering if anyone else has been through TPLO surgery and how their recovery went. Thanks!
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Barked: Wed Sep 24, '08 8:15pm PST 
Copper my brother tore his ACL about 3months ago. We were told that he would need surgery to repair it but after talking to a few that are in the rehab business we learned that a Torn ACL will mend itself. Right now my brother Bubba is running with no limping and jumping and he is a 90 pound Olde English Bull Dog. His vet even said he would not have the surgery done. So Bubba didn't he did have meds to keep him calm for about 2 weeks and he was told no running or jumping and he is doing super now. It takes about 2 months to heal.
We are no vet so please do what you think is right. This is just what we went through with our family and have had great sucess.

One step at a- time!
Barked: Thu Sep 25, '08 6:03pm PST 
Thanks Babybear! Mom's going to look into some other options too. It's good to hear that someone had good results without surgery. We've only heard that it won't repair itself but Mom is definately curious. However, she's having a hard time keeping me from playing. Hard to keep a good dog down, as you well know!

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Barked: Fri Oct 10, '08 6:04pm PST 
Clover in BullyED went through it. I will connect you with her.

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Barked: Mon Oct 13, '08 7:00pm PST 
Thanks Zuki! I will check Clover out. wink