Pet Odors, Dander and those allergic/irritated

Rhett, Chloe- & Docker .play..what- about sleep?
Barked: Thu Aug 28, '08 9:07pm PST 
I have to say that we are the newest cheerleaders for the awesome item that our "mom" brought home! We used to have family members that would sneeze and be bothered by us BUT now our mom brought home the most amazing air PURIFIER and those same family members are feeling much better! No more Fabreeze, no more candles or plug ins!!! It is so amazing!

This thing actually kills germs, bacteria, mold, dust mites and cleans the air so we all breathe (and sleep) much better. If you want to check this out please visit and use the passcode: guest OR dog We say three paws up for this great investment! Thanks mom!

Oh did we mention that our mom is so kewl that her company allows her to let any other family out there try the Fresh Air FREE - NO OBLIGATION in their own home! You can't go wrong - so have your mom call mine for more information!!party Oh also she donates to local rescue organization when a sale is made too to help out our other 4 legged pals in need!