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King Dewey- of- Destruction

I'm not your- typical pug!
Barked: Sat Aug 23, '08 7:00pm PST 
Ohh.. the napkin was so good tonight. I just can't stop!
"Prince" MaGoo

I wuz the- first....
Barked: Sat Aug 23, '08 8:34pm PST 
Umm hello My name is Magoo....I came here to support Brody...*OW* rubs his leg where Brody pinched it..OK OK>....
I am addicted to paper too..*glares at Brody*

Ahem I ated a library book of Aunty M's ...I did it "because"....I wanted to be smart fur my gurl...so there

Sits down and shuffles paws...cry
Amazing- Gracie

Proof that God- has a sense of- humor
Barked: Sat Aug 23, '08 11:18pm PST 
Thank you AJ, Sophie, Gwennie, Magoo, Dewey, Brody. It took a lot of courage to share your stories.
Just remember that we are here for each other.
I have gotten through one whole day without eating even one square of toilet tissue. And I couldn't have done it without the help from others who have are or going through the same demons.

Teddy, CGC

Little- Teddy- Weddy
Barked: Sun Aug 24, '08 6:42am PST 
red facered facered face

I first realised i had an "addiction" on the second day at my home i was roaming around the house when i noticed a soft fluffy toilet roll staring back at me within my first taste i couldnt help myself and ended up ripping it to shreds!shock Whenever i see any type of paper i sneakily grab it and hide fur some private shredding time red face

Me LOVE you!
Barked: Sun Aug 24, '08 6:42am PST 
*Beatrix sits near the back with a box of Kleenex tissue, wow, Beatrix must be really moved by this stuff...wait a minute? BEATRIX are you eating a box of tissue at a PEA meeting?*
Cali♥- BARKETTE- Cheer

If it- moves I'm on- it
Barked: Sun Aug 24, '08 8:05am PST 
Hello PAG....I think we have one little itty bitty thing in common,....tipping......trash cans.,,,,,,,,,Oh .......................I wait for the day that mommy forgets to close the bathroom doors!cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9
Lady ♥- Lexus

- Barkette- Cheer!
Barked: Sun Aug 24, '08 8:07am PST 
LL goes over to Beatrix and holds her paw......let me wipe your nose wif da kleenex......here dear!
......................LL grabs ten kleenex and puts 9 in her Channel purse for later!little angellittle angellittle angellittle angel
Ms Gigi

Don't hate me- 'cause I'm- beautiful
Barked: Sun Aug 24, '08 8:28am PST 
Hey, Beatrix, are you eating those Kleenex? And don't even think about not telling the truth!
You know we won't judge you.
We will only try to understand your compulsive actions.
Lady Sophie- of the Great- Hunt

The Baby!
Barked: Sun Aug 24, '08 8:29am PST 
I had troubies with the twash cans too. All the napkins and tissues and food cartons, whats do theys expect. It's just too tempting. It got so bad that da Moma bought new twash cans wif lids to help lesson the temptatation. It kind of helps.

Sniffs and looks around with shifty eyes for the Kleenex box.
Amazing- Gracie

Proof that God- has a sense of- humor
Barked: Sun Aug 24, '08 8:31am PST 
Hellowave My name is Amazing Gracie.
I understand what you all are going through because I have gone through almost all of it myself.
I understand about the bathroom closed doors. I understand about the paperwork left on a table. I understand about the dumped out trash cans.
I underst..........Lady Lexus?...........What are you doing?
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