beard stains


Barked: Tue Aug 19, '08 9:41am PST 
My white beard always looks stained how can I
get the stains out and keep it looking good.

Schnauzer Wowzer
Barked: Fri Oct 10, '08 1:15am PST 
I use a whitener shampoo during baths and that cleans most of the stains up.
Napoleon- Dynomite

Geez- Napoleon~~~~~
Barked: Wed Nov 26, '08 7:42pm PST 
My ma, read that using peroxide with a cotton ball would do the trick So she tried it. It lightened the loud stain color on my beard. Getting my muzzle clean after eating helps keep it clean too!

(apply peroxide to cotton ball, freely, and rub with like a sweeping motion. Making sure to keep away from mouth-tongue areas)

kirby mac

I "LUV" so- "deep"
Barked: Fri Dec 12, '08 6:14am PST 
my moma has noticed if your parents will give you filtered water, it wont stain. She believes the staining is due to the amount of chlorine that is in the water. We were told lemon juice and other things. But ony thing that works for mine is filtered water changed regularly