August 3rd...question of the day!!


Moms girl...
Barked: Sun Aug 3, '08 5:44am PST 
So do you have a Sunday routine??...something mom and or dad makes sure to do with you on the weekend??....since it is got to thinking...

Moms girl...
Barked: Sun Aug 3, '08 5:48am PST 
dancingdancing As it turns out...we do!! First we are all forced to watch mom clean the house...and run from that crazed vacuum cleaner shock
But after we always have an outing...sometimes off to the dogie park...sometimes we go swimming ....or we go on a long all depends on the weather and what we have not done in awhile I suppose shrug If it is raining mom and dad are very lazy on Sunday...we will ALL spend the day in bed watching movies..sleeping..and eating...We kind of like rainy Sundaysway to go
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Born to Play
Barked: Sun Aug 3, '08 5:27pm PST 
OMD Ri I know exactly what you mean about that vacuum. eek Mom does her chores on the weekends too. We've been hanging out in the yard lately on Sunday's. Today my hooman brother had a cook out with his girlfriend. wink And we usually go for a walk in the afternoon. It's been raining here all day too but we still walked.

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Barked: Sun Aug 3, '08 7:33pm PST 
Welll...since mom has a weird work schedule and works whenever, whatever day....we do not have a routine...
On semi cool days she will brave the car load of 6 dogs and take us to the park...other days she will walk...just two of us at a time...usually me and Gus...
One time...only one time on a Sunday did she take us to the beach...we are hoping for more of those...he he