July 28th Question of the day!!


Moms girl...
Barked: Mon Jul 28, '08 4:24am PST 
cheercheer Do you go crazy and give mom lots of kisses when she FINALLY gets home??

Or, do you just go about your business to punish her for leaving you home all alone all day?? cheercheer

Moms girl...
Barked: Mon Jul 28, '08 4:27am PST 
I go crazy!!! My whole body wiggles and I run mom right over!!!laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud Well close to it since I have Lucas and Logan right behind me...it is puppy chaos when mom gets home...we do go crazy for dad as well just not the same level ....dad says we are rude and should remember who buys the food around herelaugh out loudbig laughlaugh out loudbig laugh Then he will walk back out and come in and say lets try again...dad is silly!!laugh out loudlaugh out loud
♥- Brutus- ♥

Born to Play
Barked: Mon Jul 28, '08 1:12pm PST 
Hey Riley I'm with you. Mom loves it when she gets home and see's me. I'm usually sliding off the leather couch I've been sleeping on all day waiting for her arrival. I do the butt wiggle too BOL! And if she gets close enough, I lick her face off!


Blue Cheese...
Barked: Mon Jul 28, '08 9:19pm PST 
i get the wiggles and give momma's face tons of kisses...