Recipes For Your Pup

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Can I sit on- your lap?
Barked: Fri Jun 20, '08 5:17pm PST 
wave Hey pup, do you have a great recipe you want to share with a hungry boxer? big grin If so post it here!!!

All the recipes in this thread should consist of nutritious ingredients and be home tested by you, or a pup you know first (if possible).

Happy cookin'!!!!! Oh and Pups = Happy Eating!blue dog

Can I sit on- your lap?
Barked: Fri Jun 20, '08 5:20pm PST 
Homemade Frosty Paws blue dog

32 oz. plain yogurt
1 mashed banana
2 T p'nut butter
2 T honey

It’s true dairy products aren’t good for dogs, but yogurt contains much less lactase than regular milk and the live cultures are great for your dog’s digestive system. This dog ice cream recipe is delicious and good for your pet!

1. Mix all these ingredients in your blender, then dump into ice cube trays, paper cups, or even a kong toy to freeze and serve.

2. If you want to go all out for your mutt you can freeze these homemade frosty paws just like you would homemade ice cream. A salt-less automatic ice cream maker makes this as easy as using any other appliance in your home and the frosty paws will be ready to serve in 10 minutes.

For the ultimate treat, appropriate for desert at a doggy birthday party, follow steps one and two, then take the mostly frozen dog ice cream product of number two and spread it 1” to 1½” thick on wax paper. Freeze for five minutes and thenremove dog ice cream from freezer. Next, use a paw shaped cookie cutter to cut a paw shaped “frosty paws”, remove ice cream around edges, and return paw shapes to the freezer to freeze solid.

We found this recipe on

Daddy's home!!!!
Barked: Fri Jun 20, '08 6:40pm PST 
blue doghamster dancesnoopy OMD Justus...homemade Frosty Paws cheerhappy danceblue dog Mom didn't know about this. Thanksapplauseapplauseapplause


If I see it,- it's MINE!
Barked: Sat Jun 21, '08 3:31am PST 
This sounds great Justice! My mom is going to try to make these today!!!!!!snoopy

Each day is an- adventure!
Barked: Sat Jun 21, '08 3:25pm PST 
I don't have any recipe's yet but I'll be keeping my eek open for something yummy....

Boxer Gentleman
Barked: Mon Jun 23, '08 8:34pm PST 
Be careful about the honey. If your dog is at all sensitive to bees, this can cause a reaction. Also, not needed for doggie tastebuds. (mom home cooks us and has like 13 dog cookbooks on top of all the internet study she does. BOL She's kinda addicted to us.... but thats ok right?!)

You can do all banana and yogurt (organic with active bacteria works the best, but you can use any plain) Or all peanut butter and yogurt and use the same process. We prefer the nut more banana, but our rotti girl pal Ashley really likes the banana ones.

We'll try to dig some of our best ones up for you laters. The one mom uses for us to take pills with is a favorite, but its not the best one.... its got CORN! eek Yeah, we know but we love it and dont get more than a little bit. BOL Its a liver and corn muffin mix one. Will check for actual recipe later.... more wings most stuff now adays.... The home cooked forums used to be pretty good for lots of info too. (we stopped posting much a while ago, not sure how they are lately.

Can I sit on- your lap?
Barked: Mon Jun 23, '08 9:05pm PST 
Thanks for the tip Gwydion cheer
I can't wait to see some of your mom's recipes cheer

This is Howie- Do-it
Barked: Tue Jun 24, '08 3:46pm PST 
That sounds really good to me! Mom said it sounds good to her too *Howie rolls eyes*

We don't have any special recipes. But sometimes mom makes bacon and eggs for us! Yummy!

Boxer Gentleman
Barked: Wed Aug 6, '08 2:57pm PST 
yummy dessert mom makes us this time of year. Just puree some fruit and pout it over some rice while its still hot, mix, and let cool down. For example, mom will throw some apple and blueberry in.... strawberry and banana..... blackberries.... whatever is available at the time.

Also, in SMALL amounts.... watermelon. Cold watermelon makes me drool. So yummy

Can I sit on- your lap?
Barked: Sun Aug 17, '08 8:31am PST 
wave Here's a tip from my vet about diet:

In order to add bulk to your food bowl, without adding either calories or grains ~ Add some green beans (low sodium or no salt added).

My vet said to add a half a can of green beans to my food bowl, reduce the canned dog food in half.

I normally eat 1 cup reduced fat dry mixed with 2 tablespoons canned. And I started asking for extra food after about 2 hours.

So now Mom fixes me a half a can of green beans with 1 tablespoon canned food (mix) add 1 cup reduced fat dry food and stir. I don't love it yet, but Mom thinks I will soon. I am acquiring a taste for green beans!!!! puppy And I am not asking for extra food!!!! puppy
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