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Lucas (My- Gentle- Angel)

Did I hear- cellophane- crinkle?
Barked: Mon Oct 11, '10 12:32pm PST 
snoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopywavewavewavewavewavewavewavewave Jasper !

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Cinnie CGC,- TDI, NJ-A,- NJP

Did you say- agility?
Barked: Mon Oct 11, '10 4:36pm PST 
Warm welcome Silvia and Jasperwavewavewavewavewavewavewave

Barked: Tue Oct 12, '10 10:07am PST 
wave Jasper smile


Miss- Pig!
Barked: Tue Oct 12, '10 10:18am PST 
Welcome Jasper wave
Bertie (Forever Loved)

Chill out
Barked: Thu Dec 2, '10 3:40pm PST 
Hi Ya everypup, very pawleased to meet those we haven't met before & we are looking forward to getting to know youhailhail
It will also be grrrrrrrreat to catch up with some of our old friendshailhail
Thank you Sadie for inviting me & Eddieway to goway to go

I am 11 in March & Eddie is 10 in March & are half bruvvers.
You would never believe it though as we are like chalk & cheese. I have always been very chilled out & relaxedcloud 9 Eddie has always been like a puppy & has never grown upsnoopy
Because we have such different personalities we get on really well & are the best of friends & have never ever fallen out with each other or have had cross wordshughug

A lot of people think we are West Highland Terriers (Westies) but WE ARE NOTnaughty We are Cairn Terriers & proud of itway to goway to go The Westie was bred from the Cairn Terrier many years ago. Cairns can be any colour from light wheaten though to black but never white. A Westie is always white but sometimes you will see a sign of their Cairn Terrier descendants by an apricot coloured strip down their backswinkwink

red facered face Now, I am afraid that we are pups 'that don't' big laughbig laugh I don't really have the physic for agility & am so laid back it would probally take me all day to finish the coursebig laughbig laugh Eddie on the other hand will do anything for a biscuitbig laugh & Mum wishes that she had thought about agility for him when he was youngershrug

thinkingNow, I had better warn you that Eddie cannot type or spell so I try to keep him away from the keyboard & I usually make the posts in the forumsbig grinbig grin

Catch ya later.
Luv & licks from Bertie hugwave
Eddie (Forever Loved)

Eat & have fun
Barked: Thu Dec 2, '10 3:54pm PST 
red facered facered facefrownfrowncryfrownred facered face Bertienaughty
red face Why did you have to embarrrrrazzz me infront of our new palzshrug
I cannnnnnnot help it if I have problemz wiv my pawzzzz getttting stuck betweeeeeeeeen the keyzshrugshrug

thinkingthinkingthinkingBy the way, what Bertie meanz by him 'not having the physic for agility' iz that he iz FAT big laughbig laughlaugh out loudbig laughbig laughbig laughhappy dance

Thank you Sadie for invitingggg me to the group & I am looooooooking forward to gettttttting to know evewypupzwavewavewave
Catch ya later
Luv & lickiezzzzzz from Eddddddddddiehug

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Whippy- The- Whipador
Barked: Thu Dec 2, '10 4:50pm PST 
Bertie & Eddie, it's good to see you here wave We've missed seeing you around and UK Woofers is dead now cry

And don't worry, there is a whole bunch of us who don't do agility either wink
Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Thu Dec 2, '10 6:38pm PST 
Laughing alot !!!!!!

Delighted to meet you at last... and HEY......we have a UK enclave now here !!!!!


Grrrr's just- wanna have- fun
Barked: Thu Dec 2, '10 8:22pm PST 

how's that fur a greeting? laugh out loud
Sadie- KCGCDS(G)

Talking- Agility- Owner
Barked: Fri Dec 3, '10 8:14am PST 
big laughbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laugh Bertie you leave poor Eddie benaughty - am sooo glad you are here - thing is now who am i gonna get to be an outside Judge nowthinkingbig laugh
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