How do we show our Love?

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Rosie (In- Loving- Memory)

Wosie Woo
Barked: Sat Apr 3, '10 10:40pm PST 
I show my Love by laying on top of her at night. BOL!

Thun Thun
Barked: Fri Apr 16, '10 7:00pm PST 
Well of course there is always the famous Rottie lean. Sometimes I almost knock Mom over. When she sits down I hop onto her lap and just lay down. She loves her "little" lap dog.
Since I have no tail, just a little stump, I wag my whole butt. Daddy, says I am going to dislocate it one dog

Queen of Sheeba!
Barked: Thu Apr 22, '10 8:12pm PST 
wavewavewave Hi Thunder!

No, your not going to dislocate it, you might make Mama or Dady's legs sore. BOL! big laughbig laughbig laugh

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