Got my coupons!


Beggar Girl-
Barked: Mon May 12, '08 5:12pm PST 
I got my coupons in the mail today! Since I got the coupons I guess it means no kit for me. Either way I am very glad and thankful to febreeze for the coupons! There is a $1.oo off coupon for the air effects pet odor elminator and a $1.00 off coupon for the fabric refresher pet odor elminator. It says on it your passport to freshness. blue dog

Klondike bar?
Barked: Mon May 12, '08 9:10pm PST 
I just received a couple $1 off coupons in the mail today as well.

No kit I guess thinking

I read a post from awhile back that someone got a coupon for a free can. Why didn't I get one of those at least?! confused

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