Re: Miss Kitty's Day


Mommy's Lovey
Barked: Sun May 4, '08 8:37am PST 
So glad to see you Kitty. Goodness why did Otto have to have part of his ear removed ? Poor baby. Those cones can be a pain too. You are limited as to what you can do. I'll be glad to see him on the circuit again. Tell him I was asking for him & wish him well.
But this is your day Kitty & we have lots of yummy food & some great games to play. Come & join us. Yahoo, Kitty is here !!!
cheer cheer blue dog blue dog snoopy snoopy

I'm not- a scaredy- cat
Barked: Sun May 4, '08 9:24am PST 
Otto got hurt in a terrible dogfight at his house. It was pretty bad but he's on the road to recovery.