Sad story.


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Barked: Mon Apr 14, '08 4:53pm PST 
This is Frenchie's mom here. My friend from work told me a very sad story and I wanted to share it with you guys because it does concern dogs and it does concern the way the law is treating them, especially Pitbulls.
My friend's mom had two Pitbulls, One her name is Nina, and the other one, Hammer was her son. A stupid neighbor let them out of the yard, and someone called animal control and police on them. When both arrived at the same time the cops shot the mother Pitbull, right in front the animal control people! and animal control took Hammer, her son. My friend is beyond devastated because both dogs were pets and were sweet. Nina had a sad story herself; she was saved from an abusive owner and got a second chance with a loving family. The cop that shot her said he felt threatened by her. She is the sweetest woos dog in the world. She could not threat even a fly!!! I guess it's pretty easy to say "I was threaten" and just shoot a dog. I myself feels sad and helpless because the law is on the cops side, they can come to your yard and if your dogs bark at them and if they supposedly feel threaten they can shoot them! I don't know about you guys but I think it does not make sense! cry
I think cops should get a better education in understanding dogs behavior and of how to handle dogs, instead just shooting them.
My heart is with my Friend, I knew Nina I met her few times, she did not deserve to die like that!!!