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Beggar Girl-
Barked: Sun Apr 20, '08 12:13pm PST 
I'm waiting for mine too!!! If they ran out I won't mind. Just tell me so I can stop patiently waiting for something that is never going to come!
Mistah Chu

Pugnatious to- the Bone
Barked: Sun Apr 20, '08 3:31pm PST 
I am waiting, too. I don't know what number I am, but if they have run out, I would like to know.

Barked: Mon Apr 21, '08 3:02pm PST 
still waiting here too! how did or do you find out what number you were when you signed up, or however that works? just curious because we have noticed on another blog site that people are getting multiples even with only ONE pet!


play hard sleep- long
Barked: Thu May 1, '08 11:44pm PST 
If anyone has questions about these kits then here is a tip contact febreeze .I did and they said I would be getting mine in a few weeks. I also contated dogster at the same time and they didnt even bother to answer so now I know I will not become a plus member why pay money to be ignored. Also if you contact febreeze make sure to put this in your email.... If you are a rep that does not know about this promo please pass along to someone that does. I did not use this the first time and was simply answered that there was no such promo. But when I used that statement in the second email a supervisor replyed.
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