Reminders of Love..a poem by Tami(Benny & Mati's Mom)


I'm not- a scaredy- cat
Barked: Thu Mar 27, '08 3:33am PST 
Reminders of Love

I take a sip of any beverage
And find it there,
Waiting to irritate my tongue.
It clings to clean dishes
In the cupboard and dishwasher
Waiting to blend with food
And be consumed by unsuspecting eaters.
It floats carefree in the air,
Dispersing throughout the house
To land and find a home where ever it fancies.
It hovers on the couch,
Patiently waiting to attach to my clothes
And follow me on my daily adventures
When they must stay behind.
It rests on the floor where ever it is shed
Amassing almost daily to create another dog.
It has a mind of its own;
The bane of my existence.
Dog hair gets everywhere, yet it constantly reminds me
Of the wonderful creatures it was once attached to.
I’m reminded of how much I love them
And feel comforted knowing
They are always with me where ever I go.

Tami ;-)