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The mud Puddle is a site for the love of dogs. It is about caring and support. It is about fun, friendly and informational sharing of our passion for our furry friends.

Our group is growing fast and new members join regularly. Because of the growing number of pups in our group, Administration decided to put together guidelines in order to keep The Mud Puddle, one of the best groups on Dogster.

The Mud Puddle is a private hang out with like-minded community members. Membership is voluntary and at your discretion.

We adhere to Dogster's overall community guidelines 100%. To learn about the Dogster Community Guidelines, please follow this link:

Please contact one of the Group's Administrators if you have concerns about this group.

Although we understand that all pups have opinions on various topics, The Mud Puddle is not a tribune to debate opinions and controversies. They often create heated exchanges and stir up emotions, which could be difficult to resolve when parties don't see each other to explain better the meaning of their messages. Please keep your posts friendly and caring for your group pals.

If any troubles and or hurt feelings, complaints or just suggestions are on your mind - feel free to Pmail the Admins. Most anything is resolvable by sharing it with Administration.

If a post is brought to our attention as inapropriate, questionable or offensive, we will take a look at it, try and determine (as best we can) and contact the member, explain any concerns, discuss it etc. After discussion with the member, if the offensive behavior and/or posts continue and go against the guidelines of The Mud Puddle , we will notify the member he/she will be removed from the group and all messages and the offensive messages will be deleted.

Although that may sound a bit harsh, Administration also means applying rules, as in any other group environment. The Mud Puddle is no different. We are like a "family" here and want everyone to enjoy themselves and having guidelines will insure our continued success as a group.

All Admins agree to invest their hearts into this group. We work toward maintaining a place for a gathering of friends to share information and have fun in a friendly atmosphere.

We would ask of members to contact Admin. if they want to have a contest and offer prizes other than rosettes and stars. We will contact HQ to make sure we are allowed to offer or sell items, in the case we don't have the answer for you.

We keep updated with Dogster HQ policies at all times. As soon as there is a modification of Dogster's Rules, that might affect ours, we will modify The Mud Puddle guidelines to always remain in compliance with Dogster's policies.

Furthermore, we are asking all members NOT to begin any new contest in the forum without Administration Approval first.

If you wish to start new games, requests, contests, parties, please use the Suggestion Box thread and we will get to you as soon as we can.

Thanks you for your Support and Cooperation -
~ Your Administration

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Don't forget to respect rule #1: Have fun and enjoy the group!