Bark, Meow, Or Just Visit Here For a Hug!

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Just call me- *POOT-POOT!
Barked: Sun Mar 23, '08 4:58pm PST 
Group HUGS!!! I am so sorry Bear..Hugs to your Mawmy

Hi Jazzi and Familywave

Scooter you look so purty in your Dress!

We love all of you!hughughughughughughug
Scooter,- PAWS

Power of the Paw- for those who- need it
Barked: Mon Mar 24, '08 5:53am PST 
Thanks Isis...I thought the dress made my look younger laugh out loud

Mom is at work and Trudy and I are at home right now. I hope you all have a wonderful day. I'm so glad we started this thread. It really helps us feel connected big grinhug

Have a great day paws angels! Leaving hugs for our pals who need them!

Xander- 2003-2008

Mr. Cuddly
Barked: Mon Mar 24, '08 10:15am PST 

I'll fly down and share some of the wonderful hugs I've gotten recently with your meowmy hughughughughug

My meowmy is doing a lot better. Having grandma and grandpa visit helped take her mind off things. daddy is still real upset though. cry

we hope the weather warms up soon so that all the kitties, puppies, and their humans!, who don't like the winter will start feeling perkier.

Bear (1992- -2006)

The most- handsome cat in- the world.
Barked: Mon Mar 24, '08 12:46pm PST 
Thanks everybody for hugging mom! She needed them and would never ask for herself!

Easter wasn't my Bridge Day (Thant's in September.) but Mom says it was a day where she realized that I was soon to cross. I hung in there for her, and she and dad took the best care of me.

Thanks again, you guys are the best!


Just call me- *POOT-POOT!
Barked: Mon Mar 24, '08 2:33pm PST 
We need a hug today.We lost two friends today.Emilio this morning and I just found out that Dexter has gone to the Bridge too.Plus hundreds of kitties are being euthanized today in Illinois because of floods.crycrycry

Mawmy can't stop cryinghughughug
Angel- Piewackit

Tortietude? Yep- I have it!!
Barked: Mon Mar 24, '08 2:39pm PST 
We read about the Illinois kitties. We're here but there isn't any way we could take another in.cry

Purrs of comfort for Emilio's family and for Dexter's.
Scooter,- PAWS

Power of the Paw- for those who- need it
Barked: Mon Mar 24, '08 4:36pm PST 
Oh Isis cryhughughughug I'm so sorry about Emilio and Dexter. We are praying for them.

gosh, you can be really hard sometimes...when our friends here on catster and dogster leave for the bridge. Pie and Jazzi know...sometimes it so hard you just need a breather. I'm glad I have them. They were a source of comfort for me.

Same goes for the rest of ya. I'm very thankful for this thread. It's a great place to support each other....we work so hard to spread love and kindness to special doggies and kitties. It can get to you from time to time.

Having you all as friends means a lot. I think this thread can make us stronger as a group

Daisy Mae

Beautiful girls- should have some- curves.
Barked: Mon Mar 24, '08 5:39pm PST 

I am so sorry about your friends at the Bridge. We know how it is...sometimes we get a breather then a whole bunch more come. It just doesn't seem fair, does it? Mommy leaks and leaks sometimes when it is someone we know really well. It can be so hard.

What is this about the Illinois kitties being put down because of flooding? We don't know anything about that! Can't any shelter elsewhere allow them some space until the floods are done? eek
Angel- Piewackit

Tortietude? Yep- I have it!!
Barked: Mon Mar 24, '08 5:54pm PST 
I totally agree with that Scooter. This thread was an excellent idea. Thank you for thinking of it. It *is* a great way to support each other as well as get to know each other better. And, it's nice to know we can come here for just a hug if we need to.
Jazzi,- Sunshine- Angel^PAWS^

Sunshine hugs- and love!
Barked: Mon Mar 24, '08 6:21pm PST 
hughughughugWE need a hug, too!hughughug

Thank you for all the love and support. Scooter, Pie, Isis, Everyone!!! We totally understand the heartache and pain...
if you didn't care so much, it wouldn't hurt so much...thanks for supporting us.kitty
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