Dead animals in pet food = 2nd Class action - deceptive advertizing in pet foods

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The following is an exert from a 2nd class action lawsuit. Please check out the links below and consider joining this lawsuit.
(It's not about the $$ It's about our furbabies)

"The FDA subsequently issued a report based upon this small sampling, concluding that no trace of cats or dogs could be found and the pentobarbital was likely rendered cattle or horses (even though cattle and horses are not often euthanized with pentobarbital). Id. A published scientific journal, however, ruled out horses and cattle because that same small sampling of 31 foods did not test positive for bovine or equine-derived proteins. Id. The FDA never found the source. In any event, the point is that whatever the source, pentobarbital in pet food means that dead animals are in pet food in violation of the Food and Drug Act, which means that the Defendants regularly violate the law and had the Plaintiffs known that they were feeding adulterated pet food laced with pentobarbital to their cats and dogs, they would never have purchased it for their precious cats and dogs. "
AAFCO admits dead animals are in manufactured pet foods:


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