Wanna be an Easter Egg????

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I love my- family!
Barked: Wed Mar 19, '08 8:25pm PST 
I would love to be an easter egg. I'm sure it would help cheer me up after my surgery tomorrow. Thanks.wave

Lover boy!
Barked: Thu Mar 20, '08 5:12am PST 
You got it Snickerswink
Good luck on you surgery today. We will all be praying for you.hughug

SpoiLeD bUT nOT- rotTeN
Barked: Thu Mar 20, '08 7:28am PST 
Can I be an Easter Egg too???? Paweeze!!!!red face

♥Arwe- n♥

chubbes wubbies- ,arwen
Barked: Thu Mar 20, '08 1:46pm PST 
i do i want to be easter egg!!!snoopysnoopy

Mommy's Lovey
Barked: Fri Mar 21, '08 3:41pm PST 
I wanted to be an Easter Egg & now I am an Easter Egg !! I weally love dem Easter baskets wid all dem purty Puggy Eggs. So purty !!
Good job !!! Tanks alot.
applause applause way to go way to go cheer cheer

The BoBo, The- Star Of The Bobo- Show
Barked: Fri Mar 21, '08 5:00pm PST 
I really want to be in the basket!

Where's the- rabbit?
Barked: Sat Mar 22, '08 4:30pm PST 
Arwen, you are in the basket with Cyd and Brody.
Doodle you are an Egg too!
Check out these baskets at the bottom of the main Pug Pals page.
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