Good & Evil

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I'm- cute
Barked: Wed Feb 27, '08 4:26am PST 
Well, I'm back to my old tricks. This morning I made Mom take me outside "3" times and I still wouldn't go pee for her. Dad finally dragged himself out of bed and took me out and I peed for him. So I was a bad girl for Mom but a good girl for Dad.applause

Where's the- rabbit?
Barked: Wed Feb 27, '08 5:29am PST 
Furby, I think that makes you a little of each. Mommy says I listen to Daddy more than her
I wonder why we do thatshrug Maybe, cause Mommy's are big softies, even though we girls are Daddy's princesses.laugh out loud
King Dewey- of- Destruction

I'm not your- typical pug!
Barked: Wed Feb 27, '08 4:57pm PST 
I'm so stubborn I don't listen to either, but I do more commands for mommy. Daddy has a firmer voice but I always go back to what I wasn't supposed to be doing. I follow my mommy around like a shadow. Daddy says I don't like him. shrug

Glamorous- Princess- ValaV

I lead the- Glamorous- life!!!!!- giggles
Barked: Thu Feb 28, '08 6:06am PST 
Well I know you will find this hard to believe but mom called me BAD!!!! I know the injustice of it all!!! eekeekeek See My brother Harley the Grampy Pug gets 95% canned Wellness Chicken (1 table spoon) mixed with his Wellness Senior ...Cheto n I don't get any cause we are on DIETS... so if mom is not watching I push Grampy off his food so I can eat it!!! shockshockshockshockshockshock What can I say I am starving n wasting away .....How can I model if I am hungry??? eekeekeek

Bad Princess Vala V.......................

Where's the- rabbit?
Barked: Thu Mar 6, '08 5:23am PST 
I was a bad girl this morning! Well, you all know I love to chase rabbits and anything else that may come into our yard snoopy
This morning mommy called me in from the back yard and she
couldn't find me. I pushed my way through the lattice and was
under the deck. She gets very mad at me when I do this. She says
there are bugs and stuff under there, but who cares, I need to find that rabbit. Anyway, she called me out and I just kept walking around under there, and wouldn't come out. Then she has the nerve to say "Who wants to go for a walk" . Of course I came out, but there was no walk....only mommy telling me I was bad.
There should be a thread for good and evil mommies.
My mommy would be a bad one!eek
Gizmo(Rainbow Bridge)

Sweet- Boy
Barked: Thu Mar 6, '08 5:32am PST 
Aren't Mom's tricky like that? They know the things we love to do and use it as "bait" to get us to do what they want us to do. I don't think your Mom is "evil"..she's just "tricky."laugh out loud

Where's the- rabbit?
Barked: Thu Mar 6, '08 6:48am PST 
You think like that because you are an "Angel" . I don't think it's very nice of mommy, especially since then she leaves for work.
♥ - ZoEY

mama's luv- puggie!!
Barked: Fri Mar 7, '08 2:33pm PST 
I am sorry but we had to laugh at that one...
your mom knows how to trick you.
WALK is a great word for us doggies...laugh out loud

moms are sneaky!
I haven't been bad in so looooooooooonggg...does that mean I am the PRINCESS ZOEY...
love ya all
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