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Tracksie- (TDIT, CGC)

Follow- Your Nose, &- Heart
Barked: Mon Feb 18, '08 2:46pm PST 
Did you Know? A test of 14 different air fresheners shows that they contain "phthalates", controversial chemicals linked to cancer animals as well as birth defects.

Not one of these fresheners even listed this ingredient on its label!

Only two fresheners, Febreze Air Effects and Renuzit Subtle Effects contained no detectable levels of phthalates.

-According to the Natural Resources Defense Council which along with three other organizations called on the Consumer Product Safety Commission to start testing all air fresheners on the market.
Little Girl

AHHHHHHH-the- life of a cat
Barked: Mon Feb 18, '08 4:53pm PST 

The- Anonyshcnauzer- of Leap
Barked: Mon Feb 18, '08 5:50pm PST 
that is nice to know

Apollo (In- Memory)

Love Ya !

Barked: Mon Feb 18, '08 5:50pm PST 
Tracksie, I did not know that !!!!shock
Thanks for the info! way to go

Barked: Mon Feb 18, '08 6:03pm PST 
very interesting

Barked: Mon Feb 18, '08 6:08pm PST 
awww thats not good cry
~Romeo~- Heavens- Sweet Angel- !

Theres never- enough food!
Barked: Mon Feb 18, '08 6:30pm PST 
That's crazy! I thought all of the ingredients had to be listed on the label.
♥- Sandy~SD- ♥

Handy Sandy- Loves to Dance!
Barked: Mon Feb 18, '08 6:35pm PST 
No wonder my mom only uses Febreze around my brudders and me.
Jack ~My- Angel

Barked: Mon Feb 18, '08 6:46pm PST 
It's not surprising to me. Mom says too many companies use chemicals when they aren't needed.

Thanks fur letting us know though.

Barked: Mon Feb 18, '08 6:56pm PST 
confused Wow, I had no idea... thank you for the information!
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