Why did u pick the dog u picked?

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Barked: Wed Jan 21, '09 2:20pm PST 
Mom really didnt have a choice. Neither did I for that matter. I was at a benefit auction for a church. I was in my crate sleeping when mom came and took me out to look at me. I was 8 weeks old. She had two of her friends with her. she just said "Hes adorable" gave me a hug and a pet and put me back in the kennle. She kept coming back and checkin on me. When it came to my turn to be auctioned I could only hope for a good person to get me. Well much to my joysnoopy MOms friends bought me for her. Weve been together ever sinceway to go and neither one of us ever wants it to change.
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Barked: Wed Apr 29, '09 7:30am PST 
Mom found me on Craigs List, but she bypassed me at first thinkin' that I looked devilish and then she couldn't finds the ad again. Later she was lookin' through old ads at Christmas frantic to find another female dog for her sad Dion The CatDog a female (who is fixed but female just seemed to her a better idea) lonely and energetic. She had been lookin' for a companion for Dion whats would fits into the family since she got Dion. Mom found my ad again but it was old but she tried anyway and my person a guy arranged for us to meet & for Dion and me to walks together. I was afraid Mom's was gonna leaves me cause I was spastic and energetic and jumpin all over Dion, but she thought I was just perfect cause Dion has lots of energy and luvs to runs and play and hads a doggy furiend in the fence on down at the neighbors other sides of the fence but needed one in the house & outside. I was perfect said Mom with all that energy even though I be a bit aggressive and we tooks some adjustment time me and Dion gettin used to each other, but we a good match my girlfuriend dog and me. We walked together that first day and we been playin' together every since though sometimes we fight and sometimes we be too rough.
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