Super Bowl Hype!

Sebastian- (1999-2013)

Mama\'s Baby Boy
Barked: Mon Jan 21, '08 3:05am PST 
so, who are you cheering for in the Super Bowl? shrugshrugshrug

It will be such a grand game. Here we come, 19 & 1! cheercheercheercheercheer

Sempre Libera,- Sempre Amata
Barked: Mon Jan 21, '08 7:59am PST 
All about the Pats here!
Toonces *Big- eyed Angel*

Humans, they are- SO inferior...
Barked: Mon Jan 21, '08 11:11am PST 
I think this will be a good game, and I like BOTH teams, so it's hard to pick one. I think the Giants could pull an upset!

*ducks from food bowls being thrown by Pats fans*



Annabelle Lea

Aarrooo- , lets- play.
Barked: Mon Jan 21, '08 4:03pm PST 
I actually like both teams, and Eli is a true gent, but Tom is a hunk! I guess though I would like to see the pats, go out 20-o. What a season they have had! Goooo Pats, or Giants, laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud

Barked: Wed Jan 23, '08 2:57pm PST 
Mommy would like her boyfriend to win because she says he is cuter when he smiles. Plus we would also like to witness history & see the 72 Dolphins record beaten. However, we here are dog people so we like to root for the underDOGS. Would be nice to see an huge upset... We just don't know who to root for shrug Good luck to all Pat fans & Giants fans
Jarvis Davis- (2004-2011)

Barked: Wed Jan 30, '08 8:58am PST 
Don't much care who wins this year......I'm just in it for the party Mom and Dad are having. Party equals people equals attention and snacks!!! Here's to a fun game for all!
Chloe Chanel

~Little Miss- Priss~
Barked: Sat Jan 3, '09 4:37pm PST 
I think the COLTS!!!!!
Precious - 5/28/98 - 8/7/14

precious=the dog- aggessor
Barked: Mon Jan 12, '09 8:55am PST 
The steelers will win it !big grin
Sebastian- (1999-2013)

Mama\'s Baby Boy
Barked: Mon Jan 12, '09 1:51pm PST 
I am thinking you're right, Precious: Steelers & Eagles I think will be in the big game!

The Big Game is almost here!