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BAD 2- DA- BONE!!!!
Barked: Wed Jan 16, '08 3:11pm PST 
Hey there! This is my construction business! I can build, plumb, and hook up any electric stufflaugh out loud I build homes of all sizes and kinds. I can also build hotels and many other things. I set up any plumbing needed and I am a handy electrician. I fix anything that needs fixin!!! Name it, Ill fix it! Come to me for any of your handy man needs!!! big grin

I also sell all types of heavy duty equipment! I carry everything anyone could ever need for around the home!

*Straps on toolbelt and begins to stock shelves*

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Vesuvius Lucy

On the- run- again!
Barked: Thu Jan 17, '08 8:16am PST 
*Tapes sign up*

PawSpot Law Enforcement is looking for a few brave doggies to become part of our special team. Height and weight are not a requirement. Experience is a plus, but we will train the right candidates. Our motto is: No Dog too Big or Small - There is a Job for All! PawSpot Law Enforcement is an EOE.

If interested please apply at PawSpot Law Enforcement.

BAD 2- DA- BONE!!!!
Barked: Thu Jan 17, '08 3:58pm PST 
I'v already signed up for it, Suvi! Im so excited. Does anyone need any handyman services?


BAD 2- DA- BONE!!!!
Barked: Thu Jan 17, '08 4:00pm PST 
*Walks into store and straps on toolbelt. Lays out a broken piece of furniture from home and begin to fix it up*

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Adopt-Don't- Shop!
Barked: Thu Jan 17, '08 4:02pm PST 
*Walks into store looking a little stressed. Eloy follows in behind pulling a wagon with a toilet on top.* Hello, Tobit. Guess what Sarai did today!! She though it would be interesting, or funny, or whatever she could have been thinking, to put her dolly in the toilet and flush. Isn't she such a sweetie? Can you fix it?

BAD 2- DA- BONE!!!!
Barked: Thu Jan 17, '08 4:04pm PST 
Good Golly Miss Molly! Golly COW!!! What a clog... I can fix it!
♥ Princess ♥

One-eyed Wonder- Dog
Barked: Fri Jan 18, '08 6:50am PST 
Mr. Tobit.....My pool filter seems to be on the fritz....could you come fix it when you have a few moments in your schedual? Thank you.

*Princess thinks about having the girls "accidently" come over for drinks at the same time Tobit is know, the whole "poolboy" thing laugh out loud*
♥Mayb- elle♥

~~~It's all- about me!~~~
Barked: Fri Jan 18, '08 6:52am PST 
Hi Tobit!

I need a new office at the back of Pawspot Faashion made. Can u do the job?

Come over to the store, and I will explain itsmile


BAD 2- DA- BONE!!!!
Barked: Fri Jan 18, '08 12:25pm PST 

laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudI have no problem with accidentally coming overbig grin I will be there ASAP!

I will be there soon Maybelle!

BAD 2- DA- BONE!!!!
Barked: Sat Jan 19, '08 8:20am PST 
I heard i was needed?
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