Want wings? POST HERE!

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Miss Dearly!!- ♥ :(
Barked: Thu Mar 27, '08 5:15am PST 
Storm Kinda left dogster. frown
In Loving- Memory of- Cosmo

Adopt A Dog - Save A Life
Barked: Sat Mar 29, '08 5:21am PST 
Our sweet girl Shelbi would be honored to have wings!

mama's lover boy
Barked: Fri Apr 4, '08 7:41am PST 
How do we get our wings? Me and my pals have been on this group since last may and we still don't have our wings

Shadow~We- Miss You- 1998-2001

Barked: Wed Apr 23, '08 5:00pm PST 
Hello, I am new to Catster, my brother and sister have been on here for a while though. I was wondering if I could please have some wings.... My pictures arent the best so if it is not possible, please let me know. I crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2001. I would have been 10 years old on April 10th. Thanks so much for your support.

Pet ME! Pet ME!
Barked: Thu May 1, '08 5:22pm PST 
Kiara would very much like some wings please!

Jackson Five
Barked: Mon May 19, '08 3:34pm PST 
Thank you so much for your offer. It is such a wonderful thing your are doing for our babies. I have four babies at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for me....Jax, Annie, Cammie & Riley. I would love to have wings for them!
Moca (In- Memory)

Barked: Thu May 22, '08 4:00am PST 
Moca is the new member to rainbow bridge she would like some wings.
take your time on making them
Bugsy - 1989 - 2008

Mommy's- favorite!
Barked: Sat May 31, '08 1:57pm PST 
My mom would really like for me to have wings! I came to the bridge at 1:45 pm. on Monday, May 19, 2008. Thank you! Purrs - Bugsy little angel
Tanner - 1988-2002

Big Man/I love- Princess so much
Barked: Sat Jun 7, '08 3:45pm PST 
Hi, I have a brother who needs some wings, His name is Furball, He is a cat, He was 16 years old, He does not have a page but there is a picture of him on my brother Rupert page, I hope you can make some wings for him

Thank-youlittle angel
Bugsy - 1989 - 2008

Mommy's- favorite!
Barked: Sat Jun 7, '08 4:03pm PST 
I would really like some wings! I'm getting used to being here at the Bridge and I think I really need some wings! Thank you! Purrs - Bugsy (and his mommy)
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