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Barked: Thu Nov 29, '07 8:53am PST 
My mom seems to think I have some bad habits, such as I like to rip the corners of my new beds off. It's fun to try and rip out the stuffing. I also love to steal my moms chair and growl at her when she tries to push me off, same with the bed. I recently started to pull the christmas tree ornaments off and chew on them!! What are some of your bad habits??

"...bad girls go- everywhere"
Barked: Thu Nov 29, '07 12:50pm PST 
Uh oh, Ollie. Your mommy is going to have to start doing the NILIF with you if you keep up the growling and claiming chairs attitude.

My humans call me the Hoover because I can't walk down a side walk without dragging my nose on the ground and sucking up everything that seems edible and chewing it down as fast as I can. This includes chicken bones, cat poop, human vomit, donuts, dead small animals, milk bottle lids, kleenex, cheese doritos - anything goes! I also lunge at tasty things that are out of reach for me when we're walking. Sometimes, if I'm lucky and they're not paying attention, I can get away with it.

Other bad habits - the squirrel chasing of course, they don't seem to like that. And I can't have a frisbee because I will guard it and growl if they try to take it from me, and if they leave me alone with it, I will rip it up and start eating it.

So that's it for now although I'm sure I could think of more.

I'm a LD (Little- Dog)
Barked: Thu Nov 29, '07 5:52pm PST 
I am happy that someone else is a human vacuum. I can find any chicken bone in any yard during any walk. I am sure that people love to see my mom and dad on their knees with their hands in my mouth.

The worst thing I have done is to pull a butter dish off the counter (it was sitting on a towel) and I smashed the dish (it was glass) then I thought..why waste all of that good butter. So while mom and dad were out buying groceries, I ate all of the butter, and some glass. After mom and dad came home and called the vet I got to eat a ton of wet food and bread. Yum! I did poo glass for about 2 days after.

I also have a knack if I feel I am not getting enough attention to open any tupperware container on the counter and eat its contents. I make sure to not ruin the tupperware, but I love to eat some of the contents. I always leave some, just so mom and dad know what I have done.


love, bark and- eat everything
Barked: Thu Nov 29, '07 10:43pm PST 
Ollie, if we got together we could rule the world. BOL I like to put my sisters in their place. I make sure that everyone knows what's mine is mine and what's theirs is mine too.. Daddy says that that is a bad habit, but I think it means I'm the QUEEN!!!! I have only growled at mommy and daddy a couple of times and they reminded me I am not the BOSS...

Barked: Sat Dec 1, '07 8:56am PST 
Yes Ruby I think we could rule the world!! My mommy does put me in my place but I won't give in, that's my stubborness for ya! I would never bite her and I do end up getting down but I find fun in it!! I too tend to be a human vaccuum, and like squirrels, it's good to see our similarities!!

Angel Louie,- CGC, atb- 1/2/09

I will steal- your garbages
Barked: Thu Dec 20, '07 6:36am PST 
Well, I have a lot of habits that mom seems to think are bad. Mom never likes anything. Sometimes I miss mom when she is at work, so I go to the closet and dig in the dirty laundry. Then, I drag her underpants to the middle of the floor, and chew the crotch out of them. Mom is very embarrassed about this, but I told her, "Ma, it's a compliment!" She doesn't get it.

My brother Joey is worse though. He has a thing for shiny new boxes of tampons. Sometimes mom forgets to close the bathroom door when she goes for the day. This is our opportunity to make sure all the sniffing gets done in a timely manner. Joey always finds the tampons and kleenex, and chews them to bits in the middle of the floor. Mom usually is never able to find the box afterwards...

We are both members of the New York City Department of Sanitation. It is very important that hownds like us walk the beat every day, picking up what's on the sidewalk. Here is a list of things that I can remember mommy yanking out of our moufs: rotten KFC, the guts of some sort of rodent, ketchup packets, a dirty diaper, hamburgers, lots of strange and unidentifiable berries, pizza, bagels, a Snickers bar, underpants, french fries, used aluminum foil, a squashed squirrel, various species of poop (but no dog poop, that would be gross)--- and some other stuff too.

Joey also eviscerates pillows and eats art supplies, cos he is too stupid to know they are not toys. Dummy.

"...bad girls go- everywhere"
Barked: Sun Dec 23, '07 11:46am PST 
Hahaha, Louie!
Your mom doesn't understand you at all, does she - neither your work for the city or the compliments you and your brother are paying to her. Those rotten KFC-leftovers are some of my favorites as well. Keep up the good work!

Barked: Fri Dec 28, '07 7:57am PST 
Well I have a new bad habit I developed recently!! I like to chew my dog beds up when I'm left home alone!! I find it fun and humorous watching my mom clean it up!! I'm not sure if it's the cotton or what, but I love it. So she tried to fool me and get me a bed with foam in it, we'll see how long that lasts!!

Barked: Sat Dec 29, '07 9:47am PST 
Well I have some bad habits, mainly my annoyances of the other dogs in the house. Me and Deohjee can't even be around each other cause we brawl. Thats what he gets though, thinking he is top dog in MY house. Tay gets on to me when I growl at the door and stuff. I used to even growl at Tay when she'd try to put me, I guess I was just mad about getting in trouble, but she nipped that it the butt real quick. I suppose I really shouldn't have weed all over her room You don't mess with Tay though, she is the real top dog. Mugen is really the bad one of the house, I've gotten over most of my bad habits. He talks me into stuff sometimes though and one time we made momma REALLY mad cause me and him ate a whole bag full of Recess Peanut Butter cups. She told us afterwards she was so mad cause she was worried we'd get sick. Other than that my only crime is being a rover and a ladies man...I'll get my chance one day to father some pups...but Tay said she was going to get me neutered...I dunno what that means, but I sure hope it helps me get a girlfriend.

Barked: Mon Dec 31, '07 11:02am PST 
My dad thinks I have super bad habits but my mom says that I am a special needs dog! Recently while my dad was at work, I managed to get on top of the dining room table and push one those glases vases with a beta fish in it off of the table and ATE the fish. So I like sushi... whats the big deal? during this time I also managed to chew up two plastic cups I found and took a #2 on the fireplace hearth. But my worst habit, is when no one is paying attention to me, i slink into my dad's roomates room and take a poo right on top of his bed. So far i've done it three times! But my uncle still loves me, just look at my face. I've dug over 50 holes in my backyard, i take all the fireplace wood and put it into the holes ive dug. I can also destroy and eat anything stuffed with cotton. but my favorite is opening the trashcan and pulling the stinkiest things out to feast on! I think my dad has some new years resolutions planned for me!
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