2008 GOOD DOGS Calendar!

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Barked: Mon Nov 26, '07 11:21am PST 
Hot off the presses -- three new anti-BSL “Good Dogs” calendars for 2008, each featuring a bevy of all-new breed ambassadors!
Breeds and breed mixes represented in the new 2008 calendars are Pitties, Staffies, Rotties, Dobes, Bulldogs, Huskies, Wolfdogs, Mastiffs and more. At least one Dogster pup that we know of is featured – Daisy Mae – and possibly more, as we posted liberally on the Dogster forums announcing our call for submissions. To all those Dogsters who sent in photos, thank you so much for your submissions! And if your pupster’s pic didn’t make it into this year’s calendars, keep trying – we are already accepting submissions for next year! Photos and your dog’s info should be emailed to calendar2009@howl911.com.
This year we had even more submissions than last year, allowing us to create three calendars, each in a different format: A standard 11″ x 8.5″ format; an oversized 17″ x 11″ format, and new this year, a vertical 11” x 17” format. To view the calendars, visit the Howlywood @ CafePress website.
In addition to the three new 12-month wall calendars, individual calendar prints of each of this year’s 36 breed ambassadors are also available.
Proceeds from the sale of calendars go towards maintaining the Howlywood website and its educational mission, as well as special projects like the Save Knuckles web campaign and the Michael Vick Kills Dogs and Howl 911 pet food recall information portals. The calendars are also available to any organization or non-profit group who would like to raise money for their respective companion animal causes. To find out more about re-selling options, please email me at calendar2008@howl911.com.
To those of you who submitted photos, our thanks and sincerest appreciation to you for helping to make the GOOD DOGS calendars a big success!
Wags and Kisses,