:=: Bone BOOST :=:

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*~ ♥- Rusty- ♥ ~*

Barked: Thu Jun 19, '08 7:42pm PST 
yes, i need some bones

Where There's- Snow, There's- Sleeping!
Barked: Sun Jul 6, '08 12:41am PST 
I wanna bone boost!!!! WAAA!!!!
crycrycrycry I wanna boostie bonie!!! (rolls on the floor crying)

(I just joined the group)

Macho Man!
Barked: Sun Jul 6, '08 2:10pm PST 
Hi my sisters and I could sure use some of those yummy bones. We're new to the group also. Thank you in advance. Yummmy yummmy can't wait!!!applause

Ms Gigi

Don't hate me- 'cause I'm- beautiful
Barked: Mon Jul 7, '08 10:05pm PST 
I only have 1 bonecry
Fun On The- Run Kennel- Racing

'10 Junior- Iditarod, 6th- place!
Barked: Fri Jul 11, '08 5:22pm PST 
My dogs are quite hungry, and they could use some boneswink

princess dancer- the happy
Barked: Wed Jul 23, '08 9:07am PST 
need more bones please

laser- dot!...laser- dot!...laser- dot!...
Barked: Sat Aug 16, '08 12:41pm PST 
This is cool! I'll treat some doggies and maybe some doggies can treat me!snoopy
Ok, I left bones for all the dogs on this page! I couldn't leave any for you Wilson. For some reason I couldn't open your page. I'll try again later!

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Otis - ...WHO rescued- WHOM?...
Barked: Mon Sep 1, '08 8:28pm PST 
Aw...everybody gots bones but me, and I give 'em away all the time! Would somebuddy send me one, so's I feel like I'm still A REAL DOGGIE? Boohooboohoo...crycry

Ummm, can I eat- that?!?!?
Barked: Fri Sep 12, '08 1:31pm PST 
There ya go Otis! I left ya a little something to knaw on. dancing Now don't you go eating them bones up all at one time and getting a tummy ache!
Someone send me some bones too. I'm a real hungry pup!
Leo Licks,
Cash snoopy
Lexus aka Lexi

Paying It- Forward *One- Smile At A Time*
Barked: Sun Sep 21, '08 7:47pm PST 
Me gave all my bones away and only have 2 left. Pwease furfriends be so kind as to share some wif me. Tank You so berry much.applause
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