Get to know the pup above you...

Gizmo the- Great!- (Therapy- Dog)

Ambassador for- better than- perfect dogs!
Barked: Thu Nov 1, '07 2:46pm PST 
Write a brief poem about the pup above you. A great way for us to meet and greet each the way we do best...through poetry!

Above me there's nobody yet
Though I hope soon I'll somebody get
I'll write them a song
How they're getting along
And I hope that it won't make them sweat!

laugh out loud

I can do- anything
Barked: Thu Nov 1, '07 7:20pm PST 
Gizmo is a perfect name,
For a pup so dear;
But if you want a happy dog,
The pup food should be near.

He loves to ride, he loves to play,
He hates to take a bath;
When he plays out in the yard,
He makes the neighbors laugh!

He is a strong courageous dog,
This I know is true;
He has 3 legs and his own wheels,
And a loving family, too.

Did someone say - SQUIRREL???
Barked: Thu Nov 1, '07 8:25pm PST 
Perched on a sill
Soaking up the rays,
Resting in the cool breeze
Is where Lucy spends her days.

Her sight may be no longer
But really, who needs that?
She can still jump and play
Just like any other cat.

Her favorite toy
Is a rattley mouse.
I bet she carries it
All over the house.

It took her a while
To open up her heart.
But her two moms
Loved her from the start.

Not only is she cute,
But a very good poet, too
I'm so glad to have met
Miss Lucy-Lou


I can do- anything
Barked: Mon Nov 5, '07 9:15pm PST 
Rabbits, squirrels and chipmonks, too,
Beware the Great Hunter watches you!

All the small animals shake with fear,
Knowing that the Great Sophie is near.

Sophie watches and runs with glee,
Bringing supper back to me.

Soft brown eyes that melt your heart,
And a gentle face thats loved from the start.

Strong and sturdy, coat of gold,
Happy, friendly, loving, bold.

A wonderful mixture of prowess and love,
A gift to her family from the Heavens above.