Contest! Picture-Poem This..... (ends midnite, 11/9)

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Gizmo the- Great!- (Therapy- Dog)

Ambassador for- better than- perfect dogs!
Barked: Thu Nov 1, '07 2:42pm PST 
A challenge to win a sparkly star on your Dogster page! Ah, they're golden and shiny and they last furever! STARS! snoopy

Write a poem about -- link removed -- in 10 lines or less. The best poem gets a star on their page! First runner up gets a rosette. Accepting entries until Friday, November 9th, at midnight.

If that link doesn't work, copy and paste this, making sure Dogster doesn't sneak any spaces in the URL: ng_dog.jpg

There is also a picture of it posted on our PPG main page under "Group Photos."

Have fun! big grin

Up to 2 entries per pet allowed. party

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♥ Gunner R.I.P.♥

R.I.P. Gun Gun
Barked: Sat Nov 3, '07 1:39am PST 
BoL Gizzy!!! Okay, here goes my poem..this is great cuz now we can write...BoL!!!

"Oops I did it again!" so the story goes,
All I wanted to do was help blow your nose!
You know that newpaper was a whole day old,
and the toilet paper was beginning to grow mold!

Besides, who needs a bathroom all nice and tidy,
I'll keep it messy until cleaning day on friday.
The trash needed emptied, so I took care of that,
But don't bother blaming me, it was really the cat!

Gizmo the- Great!- (Therapy- Dog)

Ambassador for- better than- perfect dogs!
Barked: Sat Nov 3, '07 4:43pm PST 
BOL Gunner! That was grrrrrrrrrrrreat!!! laugh out loudlaugh out loud


a real charming- fox
Barked: Sun Nov 4, '07 4:59pm PST 
wave gizmo. here's my two cents in.

cringing and waiting

i'm sitting, waiting,
trying to see,
what the human sees
when he won't let me in.
newspaper, check.
tissue, too.
vacant stare.
sitting in the loo.
i got the frown.
now, what to do?

(that was a fun one. dancing )

Did someone say - SQUIRREL???
Barked: Sun Nov 4, '07 5:37pm PST 
What was I s’pose to do at home all alone.
You went away and didn’t leave my bone.
I checked out my toys and nothin’ was new.
So I looked in the garbage and thought “Woo Hoo”
This is sumpin’ to keep me busy
And keep me from worrying til I’ve gone dizzy.
What? - Oh hi Mom, hi Dad. You’re home so soon?
What did you say? The paper’s all strewn?
I was just doin’ a little tidying up.
Aren’t you proud of this smart pup?
♥ Gunner R.I.P.♥

R.I.P. Gun Gun
Barked: Sun Nov 4, '07 10:43pm PST 
laugh out loudapplauselaugh out loud

Did someone say - SQUIRREL???
Barked: Mon Nov 5, '07 7:58pm PST 
Warning: not for weak stomachs

I tried and tried to clean myself
But alas, to no avail.
The newsprint stuck to my butt
The tissue to my tail.
I knew I should have left that raisin bran alone.
I tried to get it in the pot but left skid marks on the throne.
Next time I see the groomer, I'll get a closer trim.
That way I'll be sure not to leave anything on the brim.

red facered face

You dont know- yet,but your my- BESTfriend
Barked: Mon Nov 5, '07 9:36pm PST 
BOL! laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud


That last line is a WINNER!


(we considered entering later but that's just TOO awesome! applause )

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Jadzia Dax- of Rainbow- Bridge

My name is Dax,- and you're in MY- chair!
Barked: Mon Nov 5, '07 9:49pm PST 
Good grief, stupid dog!
Are your brains just pea-soup fog?
You've gone and torn up the place
And then, without saving face,
You stayed, and looked so annoyingly sad
Like you actually regret being bad.
Worst of all, you silly sot,
You've gone and let yourself get caught!
(A rookie mistake, a careless act;
Who says a dog is smarter than a cat?)

*evil grin*

Did someone say - SQUIRREL???
Barked: Tue Nov 6, '07 4:09am PST 
big laughbig laughapplauseapplauseapplause

Good one Jad!!!
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