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King Dewey- of- Destruction

I'm not your- typical pug!
Barked: Mon Oct 29, '07 8:06pm PST 
This is my first thread!! I am a very hyper boy, so my mom decided to try me out in school. There were three others in my class. A German Shepherd (I don't know if I spelled that right) named Cody, a Cockapoo named Sky, and a Shitzu named Mackenzie. She was the only girl and we were all about 3 months. So far we just learned to go to people when they call our names and how to take a treat gently without using our teeth. Next weekend we are supposed to learn to stop biting and to walk better on our leashes. We were funny last weekend because I tried to drag my mom everywhere while the other dogs froze in place and they looked like mops as their parents tried to walk them. The workers kept holding me and telling my mom that they wanted to steal me. Every person that walked by our group pointed at me!!! I didn't know that our breed was so popular. All my classmates sat on the ground quietly while our instructor talked. I had to be different though. I did not want to sit. I walked around the stools over and over while my mom constantly fixed my leash and tried to listen to the instructor at the same time. I wanted on her lap then off, then on and then off. Then I decided to bark a few times. That caused me to get squirt in the face! My mom seemed to really enjoy the class and she's looking forward to next weekend.

I'm- cute
Barked: Tue Oct 30, '07 4:06am PST 
Watch out for those squirts in your face!!
Hana Chan- (Rainbow- Bridge)

Very Lady Hana- the Ebullient of- Helions
Barked: Wed Oct 31, '07 9:37am PST 
That sounds like fun! I would act the same way in class too. The pug always has to stand out from the rest. That's why we are so special. I hope you learn lots!


Seriously, can I- get some food- here?
Barked: Wed Oct 31, '07 11:03am PST 
Maybe I should go to school. I don't listen to da momma very good. Da daddy said no school, I was smart enough.
King Dewey- of- Destruction

I'm not your- typical pug!
Barked: Sat Nov 3, '07 10:41pm PST 
Well... today was week two of school. We had another dog attend who did not show up to the first class. His name was Fang. I'm not sure what kind of breed he was but he was all white and very cute. He kept barking at us and scaring all the rest of us dogs. My mom was very happy now that I'm not the most hyper and crazy one. Fang's mom doesn't seem to pay attention much or seem to focus. Whenever our trainer walked away to have us practice she just sat there. She did some other things too. My guess is that she will not be showing up much or her dog won't learn much. The poor guy. The other big dog kept sniffing me today and tried to bat his paw at me. It was cute but he's so big it scared me.

Today our instructor told our owners how to walk us on a leash properly, and the best ways to get us to stop pulling. He also worked on "sit" and "leave it" basically meaning leave our treats alone until they give us the okay. How rude!

I know he had said last week how to get us to stop biting but I only heard him make the command "no biting!" once or twice. My mom was bummed out about that but had a great time anyways.

I think I'm his favorite pup in the class. He likes calling me Turkey, and he always goes to me first and plays with me the longest. He even held me after class. I know you aren't supposed to have favorites but I'm loving it!
Maddie Girl

" Maddie", "- Maddie- Girl".."Lover- pug"
Barked: Mon Nov 5, '07 6:16am PST 
I don't want my mommie to read this and get any ideas about sending me to school!! I don't want any squirts in the face!!! that just does not seem like fun.

I'm not- a scaredy- cat
Barked: Mon Nov 5, '07 6:22am PST 
Sounds like someone "Dewey" is teacher's pet!!! You probably are the star pupil and that's why teacher likes you so much.
King Dewey- of- Destruction

I'm not your- typical pug!
Barked: Mon Nov 5, '07 4:38pm PST 
I love it! I hope I will continue to be the star!!
Hana Chan- (Rainbow- Bridge)

Very Lady Hana- the Ebullient of- Helions
Barked: Tue Nov 6, '07 8:36pm PST 
You are the favorite because you are the PUG! We are cute and fun and humans can't resist. wink
King Dewey- of- Destruction

I'm not your- typical pug!
Barked: Sun Nov 11, '07 11:46am PST 
I guess I forgot to continue being the star yesterday!

Yesterday was week 3 for me. I didn't do so well this time! My classmate Kobe was already taught by his parents to do lie down, so he aced it. Sky and I didn't do so well.. and in my opinion I seemed to be the worst. He tried and tried, and tried to get me to lie down but I refused. I have the sit down so well that I was doing it when he told the others to. He finally gave up a few times. He told my mom that it takes some dogs 3-4 weeks to pick up on that one. He suggested to let me grab part of the treat and gently pull me down. It worked for him but the treats we have at home are softer so I kept biting off chunks and chewing them. Mom will have to work extremely hard on this one.

Of course Fang didn't show up again... poor guy.

We also learned drop it with our toys. I did ok on that one, but that might take some more time too.

Then he showed us that on top of walking, to occasionally stop us and tell us to sit. (My mom was going crazy enough trying to teach me how to walk!)

I'm disappointed because our trainer has next weekend off so I won't be going back for two weeks. I guess that gives mom more time on working with me on that lie down issue.
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