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♥~Lil- Miss- Mya~♥

Sleepy Hollow- Mya
Barked: Wed Sep 26, '07 3:00pm PST 
Welcome Washi, Oakley and Suika we are all so glad you could joined us here, pounce in and have some fun big grin
♥ - Anusha- ♥

I am the- princess
Barked: Wed Sep 26, '07 6:34pm PST 
Howlloooo to all - My name is Anusha - I was the first doggie in my blended family. (Lemme step back in time a little) .. My mom and Dad were married 01/04/2002 and when they moved into our house they each came with 2 human kids ... shortly after that my mommy found out from a neighbor that there were husky puppies for sale around the corner - so she went and looked and she saw me and asked if she could buy me - they said sure - but she's a cry baby (Man did they tell lies !) Long story short - I am their first - their favorite - their everything ! BOL!

Barked: Wed Sep 26, '07 6:37pm PST 
Hi from Dudley - AKA: Droopey ... I came to the family through a friend at my mom's old job - she could no longer care for me and asked if my mom wanted me - being the dog lover that she is - she couldn't resist - I am the attention hog/lap dog and I am not sure I like all the other dogs in the house because I think personally that I am the best .......


Cat Chaser
Barked: Wed Sep 26, '07 6:41pm PST 
Arooooooo from Balto - I came to my family as a rescue dog. I once belonged to my mom's sister's in-laws - and the ydidn't take care of me - they put me in a small chain link cage outside and pretty much left me to die ... my human sister was at their house one day and saw the comdition's I was living in and begged for me - My family saved me from being killed and I love them soooo much ! ... P.S. Have I told you that I am the Alpha around here ?
"The- Abominable- Wookie- Doodle"

Barked: Wed Sep 26, '07 6:43pm PST 
OK - so my name is Wookie - and I am a pet store doggie - My mom saw me in the store just howling and playing and had to have me for her anniversary - luckily my dad is weak when it comes to mom's powers of "begging" - turns out I am a favorite of my dad ... Mom thinks I am ADD - and a 4 legged stand up comic ... I like to make them laugh ! I Love my family !
♥- Ladybug- ♥

Little Princess
Barked: Wed Sep 26, '07 6:48pm PST 
Hi from ladybug - I was a gift from my human sisters ex-boyfreind about a 1 year ago - and I am very shy ... I like to think I am tough when it comes to barking - but I am scared of anyone I don't know and I am even scared of my own shadow ! I love being around the other dogs .... but Dudley is stuck up so I bark at him and Anusha thinks she's my mom so she barks at me - I know where I stand with Balto (Leave him alone) and Wookie is sooo much fun to play with - he's my favorite furr sibling ! I love to intimidate the cats ~ we are eye to eye .....

I don't do- "Movement" .....
Barked: Wed Sep 26, '07 6:49pm PST 
What can I say other than "Cats Rule and Dogs Drool!!"
Badger, TDI

Help find Blue! - www.WhereIsBlue.- com
Barked: Thu Sep 27, '07 7:41am PST 
wooo woooo Wookie - don't we all have ADD? I thought I was normal... you mean I'm not?
"The- Abominable- Wookie- Doodle"

Barked: Fri Sep 28, '07 4:35am PST 
Yepp .. Ms. Badger - I think we all are ... Mom just thinks mine is to the extreme ! BOL!
♥~Lil- Miss- Mya~♥

Sleepy Hollow- Mya
Barked: Tue Oct 2, '07 8:16am PST 
ADD does that include obsessive compulsive zoomies?

Wanted to welcome Anusha, Dudley, Balto, Wookie, Ladybug, & Elliot.

I love hearing all of the arrival stories, keep them coming.
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